Nethervoid - _In Swarms of Godless Wrath_
(Possession Productions, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (7.5 out of 10)
American band Nethervoid present their violent yet melodic second album, filled with Darkthrone-ian influences, where basic techniques that verge on the punk rock-oriented meet a more refined, melody-inclined sentiments, with classic heavy metal riffing and mystical moods alongside mind-numbing, blistering blast beats and surreal vitriol.

The very first few listening sessions to that album won't yield too much of a positive impression, as it sounds, on the surface, like a superfluous effort; a typical fast-played, uninspired American black metal with strong Norwegian leaning towards the very skeletal, punk-influenced, black metal fundamentals, echoing the hard core of these bands such as the aforementioned Darkthrone (and those in particular).

Not unlike the charm captured on Dark Throne's _A Blaze in the Northern Skies_, Nethervoid's _In Swarms of Godless Wrath_ takes that route and makes it their own to tread, by infusing their basic black metal with catchy and occasionally sublime riffs offering many great hooks throughout the recording and dressing their otherwise skeletal and raw metal with a mystical, occult shroud.

Capturing some of the most captivating moments in the history of black metal, _In Swarms of Godless Wrath_ is an album that needs time to sink; multiple listening sessions will allow the listener to discover the band's supreme talent of mixing the rawest and most violent facets of black metal, with the most transcendental aspects of this art, straying not even for a single moment into uncharted, alien territories but rather adhering at all times to the fundamental aesthetics of the genre.

Not a casual or easy listen, this album needs both time and patience to reveal its true nature: apocalyptic sounds for the post modern man.

Classic in nature yet advanced in terms of musical thinking, this is vile, earth-bound yet eloquent music which dodges most genre clich├ęs and vividly, even elegantly, displays the ultimate combination no true black metal album is complete without: aggression and spirituality that walk hand in hand, attacking both the listeners' physique and their psyche.


(article published 28/7/2013)

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