Mahakala - _Devil's Music_
(Supreme Music Creation / Secret Port Records, 2013)
by: Chaim Drishner (7 out of 10)
Groovy, sexy, heavy, bluesy, colorful and enjoyable, Mahakala's _Devil's Music_ is basically blues music for the haters of blues, such as the reviewer writing these very lines. What these devilish Greek basically did was take Blues and bend, warp, darken it, inject it with some metallic innuendos and rock-star etiquette, and spit it out in the form of the bluesy black sheep of the family -- rebellious, callous, restless, kicking and spitting brute; the bad boy of a rather good family. Now, for a highly biased individual such as myself, introducing me to an album such as _Devil's Music_ was sort of a prodigal son being born again, in relation to my enjoyment of something that even remotely resembles, or echoes, blues.

However, Mahakala don't give a fuck; they are like a blues band stuck in limbo, in between worlds, in a void that's neither blues nor metal, yet exploits both worlds in a fine manner, resulting in a riff-heavy, dynamic, smooth and beautiful an album. Groovy enough yet equally as heavy, exhibiting both stoner and blues side by side with Slayer-esqe riffs, thrash metal bits and pieces and grand, almost bombastic, track openings.

Sounding like an angrier and much heavier metallic version of Pearl Jam, yet with a much accentuated groove, some tracks sound hazy and bear a southern rock brand on their sonic forehead, while other tracks have a punk-rock etiquette, played fast but always with a certain redneck, nonchalant manner, as if suddenly this sun-drenched Americana, its heat, hardship and endless deserts, has awakened.

The only curiosity is the fact Mahakala are very much Greek, yet their music is perfectly American in sound, traditional elements and blues-oriented hints that have been scattered all over the place, contaminating the recording with a loathsome bluesy groove made sexy and appealing by the very talented hands of this Mediterranean bunch.

Dynamic and creative, the contrasting happy music stands in opposition to the dark, devil worshiping lyrics, _Devil's Music_ is a fine rock 'n' roll musical product heavy on American tradition that has been tempered with a metallic streak, making the music raucous and macho-sounding; _Devil's Music_ is the ultimate blues record for the devil worshiping, blue-collared, wilderness-dwelling rednecks among you, or in you.


(article published 30/6/2013)

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