Carcharodon - _Roachstomper_
(Altsphere Production, 2013)
by: Chaim Drishner (7 out of 10)
Italian Carcharodon are an eclectic band delivering a mix of styles, blending Swedish-sounding death 'n' roll, some stoner, sludge and death metal. _Roachstomper_ is skyscraper-heavy, humoristic and massive, featuring a plethora of singing styles (death metal growls, a capela choir moments, growled spoken verses and other throat manipulations), different musical maneuvers and quirky melodies, all done with a half-smile and maximum enthusiasm.

You will encounter speed/thrash moments, blues and country influences, pig squeals, fast punk-oriented tunes and slow, dragging ones. Think of a really bizarre bastardization of latter-day Entombed and Macabre, made groovy and a tad bluesy, taken to a dark alley where it has been abused, clothed in clown costumes and smeared with grotesque make-up, and then dragged back into the sunlight.

Aided by a healthy dose of electronics, a harmonica, extraordinary track openings and rather decent songwriting ability, these Italians have created an album the likes of which you wouldn't normally encounter, and even though it may not initially sound like everybody's cup of tea, the convincing and professional manner in which they tie up all the loose ends and many (often alien) musical styles together, makes _Roachstomper_ one hell of a demented ghost ride and one of the most unique albums out there. It is by no means the greatest album of them all, but definitely an original effort worth a spin or two, and great party material for the troubled ones among you, or at least a comic relief.


(article published 30/6/2013)

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