Power Trip - _Manifest Decimation_
(Southern Lord, 2013)
by: Dan Lake (5 out of 10)
It's tempting to put as much thought and effort into reviewing _Manifest Decimation_ as the band clearly put into their name and logo. Power Trip are a sweaty-hairy death-thrash quintet who sound just as loud and angry as you think they do. We all owe a massive debt to Slayer for giving extreme metal an energizing slap in the ass on its way toward true brutality, but these guys might owe a couple extra shares. Give Power Trip the sunlit stage at any metal fest and they'll undoubtedly have the midday drunks throwing elbows to the face in line at the entrance gate. The eight songs comprising _Manifest Decimation_'s 35 minutes -- neatly split into Side A and Side B, as if anyone was hearing it on any medium other than CD -- are the auditory equivalent of a 64-fluid ounce energy drink laced with toilet-bowl whiskey and a dash of cocaine to, you know, put an edge on it. Without question, they're a passionate bunch who deserve to have a great fucking time destroying a live audience, and I wouldn't mind taking a couple sneakers in the cheek for the sake of a little punked out catharsis. But recorded music should have some level of replay value, and the most compelling part of _Manifest Decimation_ is the Paolo "Madman" Girardi cover art. Man, I could stare at that for way longer than 35 minutes.

Contact: http://powertriptx.bandcamp.com/

(article published 8/6/2013)

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