Kreator - _Outcast_
(F.A.D./St. Clair, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
Still slugging away is Germany thrash outfit Kreator. Another LP, you say? Isn't this like the 10th LP in ten years? Yes, kids, it's true, they are hard workers. Let the metal begin! The band that helped put the momentum in thrash metal music has returned once again with a powerful onslaught of thrash metal that'll surely stir up some interest amongst the metal community. The music blaring from _Outcast_ is very violent, yet eerie. A sense of wrongdoing and negativity flows from the music/lyrics as we, the listeners, are thrown into a world where negativity seems to be the main contributor to our existence. Fuck... I mean, look at the song titles: "Phobia", "Nonconformist", "Ruin of Life" and "Leave the World Behind" -- does that not say what we are getting ourselves into with each listen? We feel this sense of vileness and being depraved with _Outcast_, and we live it quite vividly through the thirteen tracks here. While I was never a real fan of Kreator, having heard a few of their records in the past, I'm into what the band has provided us with in 1997. Modern sounding thrash metal (much like Overkill's _From the Underground and Below_) that lends itself to its own characteristics and sound. Worth a listen.

(article published 1/1/1998)

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