Abske Fides - _Abske Fides_
(Solitude Productions, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (7 out of 10)
Brazilian trio Abske Fides ("lack of faith") have changed quite a bit since their funeral doom days, when comparing the band's current self-titled to the 2006 EP days of _...Apart of the World_. Even though the music is still slow and reflective, it has adopted different colours altogether; colours of sludge and post (atmospheric) hardcore, something akin to the process labelmates Reido have undergone. That is to say long instrumental, guitar-driven moments immersed in apocalyptic riffs bearing gigantic tidal waves power, interlaced with high-toned intra-solos and bass-heavy groove reminiscent to early-to-mid era Neurosis. And indeed, some of the tracks own an uncanny resemblance to Neurosis in their angriest, most heavy moments, alongside Neurosis' tranquil (the calmness before the storm) and hypnotic, suspense building technique, where easy going, pedestrian tunes built-up and climax in an all-out maelstrom of anger and bone crushing heaviness.

Incorporating some keyboards and a violin, as well as an occasional female vocalist, Abske Fides showcase on their self-titled debut that they are as fine musicians as they are the purveyors of counter-culture music, what with their progressive rock moments where they sound almost like Pink Floyd in their heydays along side their hardcore-ish, hatred emanating vitriol, still embracing their death metal origins, growls and death metal riffs included. _Abske Fides_ sees a band that's both mature and potent (although not as original as I have hoped them to be), delivering music that is part beautiful and mainstream-ish and part otherworldly robust and dark, but always delivered with a streak of melancholic sadness. A fine product for any rainy day, exceptionally produced and played, for any Neurosis, Opeth, Rorcal and Dirge (the French band) fan out there.

Contact: http://abskefides.bandcamp.com/

(article published 12/5/2013)

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