Chosen - _Resolution_
(Independent, 2013)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (7.5 out of 10)
From our fruitful yet unfortunately under-used promos bin, we bring you today the debut album _Resolution_ by the Irish group Chosen. My experience with Irish bands has many good memories thanks to the fine works of Primordial and Altar of Plagues, so I approached Chosen with an air of optimism. As soon as _Resolution_ started, the opening track "Engines of Belief" planted the Irish flag firm and deep in my mind. The track starts with a thirty-six second introductory segment (in 6/4 as is customary) that easily tops any Irish melody you'll get from Primordial. It's an amazing beginning to a very impressive album from these debutants and it proves that these lads have lots of tricks up their collective sleeves.

_Resolution_ churns on with confidence and technical dexterity for fifty-four minutes. The first spin of the record will have you hooked to the more obvious parts, like the aforementioned intro or the catchy chorus on "Asch's Paradigm". As you dig deeper though, you'll find more gems slowly appearing in the foreground and grabbing your attention, like the ferocious triplet guitar patterns on "The Narcissism Epidemic" and the forceful transition from clean to harsh vocals on "Defective Prospection". In many instances, I felt that the guitar sounds a bit like Meshuggah's Thordendal and Hagström in tone, while some of the riffs had me thinking of Chuck Schuldiner's. There's obviously a wide range of influences on display here, but they are fused together with some originality to produce this impressive result.

The production job here is one that deserves a tip of the hat. With all the intense drumming on this record and the continuous variations in riff moods, the end result came out very balanced indeed. This is a very ambitious debut from a talented duo that showcases their various influences from the extreme metal world while adding a bit of character to the mix. _Resolution_ comes highly recommended to all fans of extreme metal and fans of progressive metal world that are open to a bit more brutality than the genre's norm. Oh by the way, these guys are also nice enough to put this album up for free download on their website. Now you have no reason not to listen to it.


(article published 31/3/2013)

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