Abriosis - _Vessel_
(Independent, 2013)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (4.5 out of 10)
Abriosis is a Canadian death metal group that doesn't sound very interested in pleasantries. Today's review is concerned with their EP _Vessel_, which comes after their 2011 debut full-length _Tattered and Bound_. On _Vessel_, they present the kind of death metal that sounds like a mess to go through, but maybe there's a prize to be claimed at the end. Think of a mish-mash of Gorod, Quo Vadis and Immolation if your imagination can handle such a concoction. Anyway, the first few seconds of this release will shell out a flurry of blast beats right in your face in a very clear indication of the band's direction. The opening track "Crypsis" features some switching from high and low pitched vocals from Alxs Ness in an entirely un-female fashion, but Angela Gossow got us all used to monstrous blondes fronting metal bands.

The title track boasts some tricky timings and wacky guitars, while the double bass assumes the role of a buzz saw. Yet despite a very good guitar solo and a lot of cymbal variety, I find the equalization on the guitar quite confusing and the bass is nearly inexistent, which makes for a track that's lacking in balance. The same issue of balance comes up on "Peering Into Oblivion", which despite having a stronger bass guitar presence, sounds very cluttered. A much better guitar solo can be found on "Apochra". It's engaging and the drum support behind it is spot on. You'll also get some very deep growls and some sporadic high pitched crooning that adds some nice variety.

_Vessel_ does have some fine moments, but they're not long enough and they don't really make an impact that makes me want to come back to it. Despite the obviously high level of technical ability that exists among Abriosis' ranks, I find myself unsatisfied after _Vessel_'s twenty minute duration is over. I hope their future works come out more focused than this, because this much ability can produce much better results.

Contact: http://www.abriosis.com/

(article published 13/1/2013)

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