Degial - _Death's Striking Wings_
(Sepulchral Voice, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (4 out of 10)
Death metal done right can be the most beautiful thing music has bestowed upon mankind, indulging man's desires for power, brutality, transcendence, esoterica and spiritualism; on the other hand, death metal done wrong is a spoiled dish that's almost untouchable. Middle of the road death metal that's bland and unremarkable yet bearing occasional alright moments is even worse, because these bright moments are the only obstacle between you and tossing the album into the garbage bin, hence you're left hanging in limbo; one bad album in your right hand, while your left hand is only barely holding to some good riffs and even fewer good ideas. What to do? What to do?!

Such is the music of Swedish band Degial's debut full-length album; a poor sounding, badly executed amateurish affair with even worse songwriting capabilities, derivative and unoriginal retro death metal through and through, all wrapped in an inadequate production that makes some moments sound utterly ridiculous and laughable (where the hell did you get these cheap sounding tin can cymbals from?). Dark? Brooding? Sinister? Ha, not this album!

Yet suddenly a ray of black light appears on the horizon of Degial's empty skies and an interesting riff does bud, like the one in the midst of the third track, but these are few and too far between.

Most of Degial's debut is comprised of by-the-numbers death metal, simplistic and uninteresting, crammed with metal clich├ęs, from the first note to the last growl. The fast pace reigning the tracks does not help the establishment of any long lasting, valid and robust atmosphere slower death metal possesses. It may be the production's fault or the cheerful dynamics of the album that do not allow for darker sonic tones to settle down and govern the music. With such stamina and joyful enthusiasm, not to mention the general musical etiquette, these guys should have played American style thrash metal of the fast, lightweight and fun kind.

It's pity though, because Degial could have done something worthy with their abilities and obvious enthusiasm, and you kind of notice this fact while the music plays, but they are so saturated with an influx of influences, it seems like they are not capable to dissociate from the ideas and the music of others, hence decided to just go along and play the same old game due to inertia or plain laziness. The artwork, photos, layout, fonts and lyrics are all well done, if that helps anyone.


(article published 13/1/2013)

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