Hidden Pride - _Brutal Advice_
(Independent, 1997)
by: Alain M. Gaudrault (6 out of 10)
In my review of their demo, _The Encounter of the First Kind_, I noted that the band could deliver the goods technically, but that songwriting efforts, both musically and lyrically, needed an overhaul. Sad to say, but I see no evidence of improvement. Admittedly, this is expertly played death/grind, tight and clear, but in the end, directionless. Then again, Cryptopsy's _None So Vile_ has raised the bar so damn high with respect to lyrics, songwriting, and musicianship, that most material in this genre tends to pale in comparison. My advice to grinding bands today: 1) write memorable songs, 2) write lucid lyrics. And if you're only going to put 28 minutes of music on your CD, for crying out loud, don't pad the release with 45 minutes of silence (okay, so there's an inane three-minute French xmas song hidden amongst the silence)... Making your release inconvenient to listen to is not conducive to further listens.

Contact: E.S.T. Management c/o Michel Monette

(article published 1/1/1998)

5/10/1996 A Gaudrault 3 Hidden Pride - The Encounter of the First Kind
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