Vowels - _Hooves, Leaves & the Death / As December Nightingales_
(Sun & Moon Records, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (8.5 out of 10)
Italian band Vowels play black metal and shoegaze admixture; even though that in itself is by no means a novelty, _Hooves, Leaves & the Death / As December Nightingales_ is unique due to its theatrical essence, what with the semi-operatic and clean vocals incorporated occasionally and the disjointed nature of the songs. Strangely flowing, their dynamics askew, the metallic parts are laced and embraced by ambient interludes and melancholic soft-spoken chants. But wait, there's more -- much more!

In addition, some classical instruments have been introduced into the mix: string instruments such as cello and violin, as well as piano, that add a singular dimension and colour to the body of music. These, combined with the strange electronica and the human a cappella, ancient-sounding keyboards and acoustic parts, all contribute to the pleasant oddness of the album, which is comprised of two of the band's EPs pressed on a single, 32-minute disc.

If music is a drug, then Vowels' output would be of the hallucinogenic kind; a ghost train ride with lows and highs and abysses of nothingness in between. Eclectic to the core, the band go to great lengths in order to cram into these 32 minutes any musical genre, style or aesthetics they are familiar with, or have been influenced by, therefore creating an idiosyncratic yet beautiful monument to their effort and fervent collective mind. Instead of failing miserably in such a pretentious effort, the recording sounds surprisingly whole and almost flawless (other than the occasional filler), theatrical, melancholic and fresh.

From Devil Doll to Mindrot, from Fen to Arcturus, from Bauhaus through Swans to Pink Floyd's _The Wall_, you'll be hearing insinuations of the aforementioned echoing from every single moment, coming at you from every direction, while the music still plays. Creative and bold, and at times beautiful beyond belief, _Hooves, Leaves & the Death / As December Nightingales_ is a masterwork that needs time to sink and enjoyed. It's both contemplative in nature and emotionally aggressive, yet its violence lies within its insidiousness; its quiet, almost romantic guise will find its way into the hearts and minds of almost any music lover out there and fuck them good for a while.

Contact: http://www.sunandmoonrecords.com/

(article published 29/12/2012)

7/22/2014 D Lake Paramnesia: Coming Out of the Dark
12/29/2012 D Lake Monolithe: Good Things Come in _III_
12/1/2012 P Schwarz Pentagram: It's Never Too Late
7/29/2012 P Schwarz Nile: At the Gate of Exhaustion
6/3/2012 J Carbon Wilds Forlorn: On the Heights of Despair
5/6/2012 D Lake Scott Kelly: The Searcher
11/1/2011 J Carbon Avichi: The Devil's Triad
11/1/2011 J Carbon Judd Madden: Fathoms Below
11/1/2011 J Carbon Wolves in the Throne Room: In the Aftermath
6/26/2011 J Carbon Altar of Plagues: Moving Forward
6/26/2011 J Carbon Liturgy: Scattered Like Landmines
6/5/2011 J Carbon Black Tusk: Swamp Things
5/15/2011 J Carbon Aerial Ruin: Death From Above
5/15/2011 J Carbon Miasmal: Living Forever
4/19/2011 J Carbon Falkenbach: ...Where His Ravens Fly...
4/19/2011 J Carbon Weedeater: Accidents Will Happen
3/28/2011 J Carbon Daemonlord: Lords of Benevolent Things
3/28/2011 J Carbon Woods of Desolation: World of Ruin
3/6/2011 J Carbon Obscura: Celestial Catastophes
2/26/2011 J Carbon Ulcerate: Destruction For Miles
2/13/2011 J Carbon The Bridal Procession: Introduction to the New Procession
1/27/2011 J Carbon Cough: Doom & Gloom
1/27/2011 J Carbon Mitochondrion: Pestilence, Perdition & Panaesthesia
4/18/2010 A El Naby Cerebrum: Stimulating the Cerebral Cortex
11/4/2009 J Smit Marduk: Unholy Blasphemies
9/24/2009 D Cairns Jucifer: Two's Company...
8/16/2009 S Martin Jungle Rot: While Awaiting the Horrors
7/22/2009 J Smit Pestilence: Never Say Die
7/18/2009 C Burton Mutant: Now Serving Bangers 'n' Thrash
7/15/2009 J Smit Goatwhore: Pedigree Butchery
7/5/2009 D Cairns The Freezing Fog: Piercing the Polar Mist
6/18/2009 C Burton Cannibal Corpse: Plenty Left to Mutilate
6/18/2009 Y Zhu Obscurity: Swedish Death Metal
3/30/2009 P Williams Arch Enemy: Die Walküre
1/30/2009 J Smit Cryptopsy: A Venom Well Designed
1/30/2009 J Smit Napalm Death: Silence the Tyrants
1/12/2009 J Smit Knights of the Abyss: Summon in Thunder
12/3/2008 J Smit The Amenta: The War of Art
10/24/2008 J Smit Order of Ennead: Songs for the Damned
10/5/2008 C Burton Armcannon: Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good
9/1/2008 J Smit Zero Hour: Darkness and Hope
8/9/2008 J Smit The Rotted: Life Is Wasted on the Living
7/5/2008 C Burton Dark Tranquillity: Merging the Mundane and the Magic
7/5/2008 J Smit Hate Eternal: Born of Fire
7/5/2008 J Smit Poison the Well: Last Chance for a Slow Dance
6/8/2008 Q Kalis Celestia: Music Is Magic Not Maths
4/27/2008 J Smit Deicide: Death Walking Terror
4/13/2008 J Smit Brain Drill: Means to an End
4/13/2008 J Smit Shatter Messiah: Not All Who Wander Are Lost
1/31/2008 J Smit 1349: Mental Mercury
1/31/2008 P Schwarz Angelcorpse: How to Philosophise With a Hammergod
1/31/2008 J Smit Marduk: Echoes of Decimation
12/9/2007 J Smit Every Time I Die: Slip It In
11/19/2007 J Smit Exodus: Killing on Adrenaline
11/4/2007 J Smit Despised Icon: All Hail the New Flesh
11/4/2007 J Smit Endstille: Wrath From Above
10/5/2007 J Ulrey Sarpanitum: Harbinger of Impious Hordes
10/5/2007 J Ulrey Vintersorg: An Extension of Theories
9/9/2007 J Smit Behemoth: Lords of the Left Hand
9/9/2007 J Smit C-187: Bring the Noise
9/9/2007 J Smit Nile: Luring the Doom Serpent
7/12/2007 Q Kalis Kobus!: The Voice of Destruction
7/12/2007 J Smit Lupara: Made in America
6/23/2007 J Smit Paradise Lost: Requiem for a Dream
6/10/2007 J Smit Marduk: Hosannas From the Basement of Hell
5/25/2007 Y Stefanis Dodheimsgard: Experimental Musical Outcasts
5/8/2007 J Smit Dimmu Borgir: Diabolical Masquerades
5/8/2007 J Smit Six Feet Under: Thou Shall Kill
5/2/2007 J Ulrey Clutch: Brigands of the Mojo Hand
5/2/2007 J Smit Sonic Reign: The Cult Is Alive
4/5/2007 Q Kalis Íon: Summers End
3/25/2007 J Smit Dew-Scented: Impact Is Imminent
2/18/2007 J Smit Demiurg: Nothing But Death Remains
2/4/2007 J Smit Melechesh: Frayed Ends of Sanity
1/18/2007 J Smit Shatter Messiah: This Godless Endeavour
1/9/2007 T DePalma Michel Casarramona: Morbid Illusions
1/7/2007 J Smit Therion: In the Nightside of Eden
1/5/2007 J Smit This Ending: Deus Ex Machina
12/26/2006 J Smit Abgott: Ceremony of Opposites
12/12/2006 J Smit Bewitched: At Dawn He Sleeps
12/12/2006 J Smit Born From Pain: Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire
11/30/2006 J Smit Brutal Truth: Choice of a New Generation (Part 1)
11/30/2006 T DePalma Brutal Truth: Choice of a New Generation (Part 2)
11/17/2006 J Smit Unearth: Fire Rains From the Sky
11/10/2006 A Marouchos Antaeus: Straight From the Woundz
10/14/2006 J Smit I: To Ride a Northwind Storm
10/14/2006 J Smit Zao: Angels Without Wings
10/5/2006 J Smit Celtic Frost: Answering Dagon's Call
9/26/2006 T DePalma Images of Violence: The Skingraver Speaks
9/12/2006 J Smit Goatwhore: Curse You All Men
9/12/2006 J Smit Napalm Death: Blunt Against the Cutting Edge
8/12/2006 J Smit Deicide: Unholy Passion (Part 2)
8/7/2006 J Smit Deicide: Unholy Passion (Part 1)
7/13/2006 J Smit Cataract: Anger as a Way of Life
7/13/2006 J Smit Strapping Young Lad: None More Black
7/10/2006 A Marouchos Macabre Omen: As Worlds Collide...
6/25/2006 J Smit Gorgoroth: Seasons in the Abyss
6/20/2006 J Smit /
P Schwarz
Akercocke: Words From the Exit Wound
5/18/2006 T DePalma Changes: Words of the Traveller
5/15/2006 J Smit Cannibal Corpse: The Irresistible Urge to Kill
4/26/2006 J Smit Bloodthorn: Affiliated With the Suffering
4/24/2006 C Flaaten Madder Mortem: The Musings of Mother Mortem
4/18/2006 T DePalma Ares Kingdom: Ares' for the Taking
3/22/2006 J Smit Deathstars: Twenty Four Carat Darkness
3/15/2006 J Smit Cryptopsy: Back to the Worms
2/27/2006 J Smit Torture Killer: Maximum Violence
2/24/2006 T DePalma Darkness Eternal: His Will Be Done
2/17/2006 J Smit Thyrfing: Sons of Thunder
1/29/2006 T DePalma Biolich: What's in a Name?
1/29/2006 J Smit Suffocation: To Crush Once More
1/9/2006 J Smit In Flames: Moments of Clarity
1/2/2006 J Smit Hurtlocker: Here Comes the Pain
1/2/2006 J Smit The Ocean: Beyond the Fathomless Depths
12/7/2005 J Smit Dark Funeral: Until You Call on the Dark
12/2/2005 J Smit God Forbid: Welcome to the Fall
12/2/2005 T DePalma Martial Barrage: New Blood From the North
11/15/2005 J Smit Face Down: Strength Beyond Strength
11/11/2005 T DePalma Crimson Massacre: Methods of the Abyss
10/31/2005 J Smit Bolt Thrower: Armageddon's Just a Matter of Time
10/24/2005 J Smit The Dillinger Escape Plan: Sleeping Giants in the Storm
9/14/2005 J Smit Cathedral: In the Valley of the Shadow of Death
9/2/2005 T DePalma Deceased: Weird Tales Vol. 1
9/2/2005 J Smit Krisiun: Devastation Is on the Way
8/22/2005 J Smit Soilent Green: Theory of Pride in Tragedy
8/18/2005 T DePalma StarGazer: Pilgrims Against the Flux
8/12/2005 J Smit Hypocrisy: Spreading the Disease
8/12/2005 J Smit Nile: Blazing a Trail of Annihilation
7/21/2005 Q Kalis Thunderbolt: Diabolic Revelations
7/18/2005 A McKay Lupara: The Shotgun Approach
7/11/2005 J Smit Nevermore: A Transcendent Endeavor
6/20/2005 J Smit Darkane: Seal the Senses
6/20/2005 J Smit Dew-Scented: Metal Thrashing Mad
6/3/2005 Q Kalis Arghoslent: Incorrigible Bigots?
5/31/2005 J Smit Code: A New Darkness Upon Us
5/24/2005 Q Kalis Summoning: Middle Earth Musings
5/23/2005 T DePalma Velvet Cacoon: The Cislunar Fog
5/13/2005 J Smit Napalm Death: Cause for Alarm
5/5/2005 Q Kalis The Meads of Asphodel: The Bemoaning of Metatron
5/3/2005 J Smit Candlemass: Chants in Declaration
4/27/2005 A McKay All Shall Perish: Rage Against the Dying of the Light
4/19/2005 T DePalma Methadrone: Hollow Doors of Perception
4/6/2005 T DePalma Total Fucking Destruction: "Bullets Not Ballots"
3/15/2005 J Smit Septic Flesh: Farewell to the Flesh
3/10/2005 J Smit Devin Townsend: Fury & Passion In Extremis
2/22/2005 J Smit Immolation: Hail to the Conquerors
1/20/2005 J Smit Agnostic Front: From the East Coast to the West Coast
1/10/2005 A Wee Eat Metal Records: Hellas Triumphant
12/31/2004 A McKay Empyrean Sky: Six Songs From the Seventh Seal
12/31/2004 J Smit The Haunted: Evolution Not Compromise
12/31/2004 J Smit Therion: The Dragon Breaks Down the Temple Wall
11/29/2004 J Smit Anthrax: Weathering the Storms (And Coming Out Smiling)
11/29/2004 J Smit Marduk: The Plague Rages On
11/19/2004 J Smit Behemoth: Keeping It Real
11/19/2004 J Smit The Amenta: The Thunder Down Under
10/19/2004 J Smit Rotting Christ: Back Into the Abyss Once More
9/30/2004 J Smit Danzig: A New Cycle Begins
9/30/2004 J Smit Turisas: Thus Spake the War God
9/23/2004 Q Kalis Celestia: Necromelancholic Reveries
9/23/2004 J Smit Mortiis: The Gloves Are Off
8/31/2004 P Schwarz Mastodon: Where Swims the Leviathan?
8/6/2004 P Schwarz Dismember: Indifferent and Content
8/6/2004 J Smit Inhumate: DIY Grind With a Mind
7/31/2004 J Smit Meshuggah: From Nothing to Number "I"
7/16/2004 M Noll Bathory: KICKING*ASS in '85 - Quorthon RIP
7/16/2004 P Schwarz Destruction: A Fully Loaded Discharge of Metal
7/12/2004 P Schwarz Descent: Into the Pit of Pain!
7/12/2004 P Schwarz Fall of the Leafe: Autumn's First Triumph
7/5/2004 A Wee Serpens Aeon: The Dawn of a New Aeon
5/31/2004 J Smit Heaven Shall Burn: Not a Marduk Cover Band
5/31/2004 J Smit Insomnium: Sunday Morning Hangover Blues
5/7/2004 J Smit Death Angel: From Death Into New Life
4/29/2004 P Schwarz Dimmu Borgir: In Deep With the Deacons of the Dark Castle
4/29/2004 P Schwarz Nightwish: Nemo's Search for Success...
4/19/2004 P Schwarz Aborted: Neil's Needle Meets Carcass's Bonesaw
3/23/2004 J Smit In Flames: A Soundtrack to Comeuppance
3/23/2004 J Smit Rotting Christ: Still Rotting in the Free World
3/14/2004 J Smit Exodus: Dancing With the Damned
2/29/2004 A McKay Coercion: No Arm Twisting Involved
2/29/2004 J Smit God Forbid: Notice Is Served
1/25/2004 J Smit Darkane: The Will to Overcome
1/25/2004 J Smit Moonspell: Under the Spell of the Antidote
12/26/2003 J Smit Alchemist: Continuous Evolution
12/26/2003 J Smit Mastodon: An Out of Body Experience
12/26/2003 J Smit Mnemic: Into the Great Wide Open
11/23/2003 J Smit Arch Enemy: The Rebellion Is Rising
10/20/2003 J Smit Tiamat: Let Us Prey
10/16/2003 P Schwarz The Crown: Possessed to Race With Death
10/6/2003 J Smit Krisiun: The Carnage Continues
9/21/2003 J Smit Cryptopsy: Breaking the Barriers of Supremacy
9/21/2003 J Smit Tidfall: Juicy Black Metal, Anyone?
9/4/2003 J Smit Anthrax: We Refuse to Be Denied
9/4/2003 Q Kalis Golden Dawn: Beyond the Masquerade
8/28/2003 A McKay Pro-Pain: As Big as the Rolling Stones?
8/22/2003 J Smit Dimmu Borgir: The Death Cult Beckons
8/10/2003 A McKay Melechesh: Just to Hear What He Sphynx
8/2/2003 A McKay /
P Azevedo
Madder Mortem: A Dream Come True
8/2/2003 A McKay Old Man's Child: Striking Out Down the Defiant Path
7/22/2003 J Smit Dysrhythmia: Tradition Be Damned
7/18/2003 J Smit Tomahawk: Shooting the Breeze Mit Mr. Denison
7/13/2003 J Smit Nevermore: The Greater Goal Achieved
6/17/2003 J Smit Burnt by the Sun: Innovators of the Revolution
6/12/2003 A McKay Strapping Young Lad: The World Makes Way
4/30/2003 A Bromley Overkill: Alive and Breathing
4/28/2003 C Flaaten Amon Amarth: At War With the World
3/26/2003 P Schwarz Metalucifer / Sabbat: Can You Say "Heavy Metal"?
3/21/2003 A McKay Kittie: Kittie's Got Claws
3/21/2003 A Bromley Vehemence: Christ, They Fucking Hate You!
3/16/2003 A Bromley Cradle of Filth: Disturbing the Mainstream
9/1/2002 P Schwarz Arch Enemy: Receiving Payment For Crimes Against God
9/1/2002 X Hoose Atari Teenage Riot: Intelligence Meets Sacrifice
9/1/2002 D Rocher Dark Tranquillity: Of Damage Done and Introspection
9/1/2002 A Bromley Doro: Fighting For the Metal Fans
9/1/2002 A Bromley Dream Evil: From Knob Twirling to Guitar Playing
9/1/2002 P Schwarz Hypocrisy: Ten Years and Still Humble
9/1/2002 A Bromley Kittie: Still Purring
9/1/2002 A Bromley Nocturnal Rites: Growth Through Experience
9/1/2002 A Bromley Soulfly: Heartfelt Intensity
9/1/2002 P Schwarz The Chasm: Is the Deathcult Damned?
9/1/2002 Q Kalis Vinterriket: The Voice of Vinterriket
9/1/2002 A Bromley W.A.S.P.: Dark Reflections
7/3/2002 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse: Obsessed With Their Music
7/3/2002 A Bromley Ephel Duath: The Path of Self-Rephormulation
7/3/2002 A Bromley Kaamos: Blinding Intensity
7/3/2002 A Bromley Kalmah: They'Re Back
7/3/2002 P Azevedo My Dying Bride: Thus Spake the Wretched
7/3/2002 A Bromley Pro-Pain: The Shocking Shreds of Dignity
7/3/2002 A Bromley Tapping the Vein: A Real High
4/12/2002 P Azevedo Anaal Nathrakh: The Heart of Necro
4/12/2002 A Bromley Angra: An Easy Delivery
4/12/2002 A Bromley Arkhon Infaustus: Satanic Waste
4/12/2002 A Wee Biomechanical: Chatting Up a Cyborg
4/12/2002 A Bromley Black Label Society: Limp Bizkit Must Die
4/12/2002 A Bromley Blind Guardian: Singing Out Loud
4/12/2002 P Schwarz /
A Bromley
Dew-Scented: Inside Out
4/12/2002 A Bromley Entombed: Entombed's Shining Star
4/12/2002 P Azevedo Evoken: Tending the Dire Hatred
4/12/2002 A Bromley Judas Priest: The Metal Crusade Continues
4/12/2002 A Bromley Scissorfight: Weirdness From New Hampshire
4/12/2002 A McKay Soul Embraced: On the Right Path
4/12/2002 A McKay Winds: Let the Cold Winds Blow
1/14/2002 A Bromley Adrian Bromley: The King and I
1/14/2002 P Azevedo Aphotic: Darkness Enclosing
1/14/2002 P Schwarz April Ethereal: Where's the Shower?
1/14/2002 P Schwarz Atomsmasher: Split This
1/14/2002 A Wasylyk Bathory: Entering an Age of Antiquity
1/14/2002 A Bromley Bolt Thrower: Metal Pride
1/14/2002 A Bromley Destruction: Back From Hell
1/14/2002 A Bromley Ghoulunatics: Ghoulish Metal Fun
1/14/2002 A Bromley Godflesh: Hymns of Progression
1/14/2002 P Schwarz Impaled Nazarene: Nazarenes Aren't the Only Fiends
1/14/2002 A Bromley Leechmilk: Dirty, Dirgy Motherfuckers
1/14/2002 A Bromley My Dying Bride: The Hand of Doom
1/14/2002 P Schwarz Pungent Stench: Vomit to Vanquish the Vatican
1/14/2002 A Bromley Sinister: Creative Brutality Unleashed
1/14/2002 A Bromley Sodom: The Metal Machine Carries on
1/14/2002 C Flaaten The Provenance: Spending Hours Bleeding For Music
1/14/2002 A McKay Witchery: Hearse to You, Witchery
10/19/2001 A Bromley Crematory: The End Complete
10/19/2001 A Bromley /
C Flaaten /
P Azevedo
Emperor: Prometheus Unbound
10/19/2001 A Bromley Godgory: Creation Through Evolution
10/19/2001 A Bromley Jag Panzer: Unstoppable Progressive Metal Machine
10/19/2001 P Schwarz Rebaelliun: Annihilating the Competition?
10/19/2001 A Bromley Shocore: Crossing Boundaries and Having Fun
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Absu: Celtic Carnage
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Akercocke: Satanic Art
8/12/2001 D Rocher Amon Amarth: The Avengers' Crushing Comeback
8/12/2001 A Bromley Anathema: Inner Resonance
8/12/2001 A Bromley Andromeda: Star Shooter Supreme
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Cadaver Inc.: The Discipline of Sandwich-Making
8/12/2001 A Bromley Circle of Dead Children: Necro-Pedophiles 'R' Us
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Darkane: Dark Insanity
8/12/2001 A Wee Demonic Christ: Demonic Battle Mom: Dana's Return
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Epoch of Unlight: An Unlightly Story
8/12/2001 A Bromley Iced Earth: The (Horror) Show Must Go on
8/12/2001 D Rocher /
P Azevedo /
A Bromley
Katatonia: Songs of Quintessential Sorrow
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Keelhaul: Angled to Amaze
8/12/2001 A Bromley Melechesh: Mesopotamian Hunger
8/12/2001 P Azevedo Mourning Beloveth: Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes...
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Nevermore: Dead Heat For the Politicians of Ecstasy
8/12/2001 P Schwarz Old Man Gloom: Monkeys Taught Me Guitar
8/12/2001 A McKay The End Records: The Genesis of the End
8/12/2001 P Azevedo The Forsaken: Forsaken But Not Forgotten
8/12/2001 A Bromley Virgin Steele: A Greek Tragedy Written in Metal
5/13/2001 D Rocher Darkthrone: Of the Lupine Lords That Lurk in the Shadows
5/13/2001 A Bromley Dimmu Borgir: Majestic Visions, Triumphant Sounds
5/13/2001 A Bromley Gandalf: Death 'N' Roll Machine Rolls on
5/13/2001 P Schwarz Immolation: A Truly Individual Sin
5/13/2001 A Bromley Lacuna Coil: Unleashed and Ready For Stardom
5/13/2001 A Bromley Monster Magnet: Dave Says Yes
5/13/2001 P Schwarz Nile: They Couldn't Dam This River...
5/13/2001 A Bromley Opeth: Harvest of Blackness
5/13/2001 A Wasylyk Proscriptor: I Am the One
5/13/2001 P Schwarz /
A Bromley
Relapse Records: Comments From Captain Contamination
5/13/2001 A Wee The Embraced: Norway'S Gothenburg Sons
5/13/2001 A Bromley W.A.S.P.: Unleashing Terror Once Again
5/13/2001 P Schwarz Zyklon: Detoxed But Not Disarmed
3/13/2001 P Azevedo Aurora: Danish Dynamite
3/13/2001 A Wee Clandestine Blaze: Fanning the Unholy Flames
3/13/2001 A Bromley Darkwell: Suspects in Darkness
3/13/2001 A Bromley Deströyer 666: Devils Ride Again
3/13/2001 A Bromley Kalmah: Warriors on the Metal Path
3/13/2001 A Bromley Mythological Cold Towers: Spreading the Faith, Spreading the Word
3/13/2001 P Azevedo Novembers Doom: Embrace the Knowing
3/13/2001 A Bromley Pain of Salvation: Salvation For the Metal Mind
3/13/2001 A Bromley Sepultura: Their Nation, Their Voice
3/13/2001 A Bromley Skyclad: Purveyors of the Bizarre
3/13/2001 A Bromley Soilwork: Predators For Pain
1/10/2001 A Bromley Association Area: Panko's Pancreatic Pandemonium
1/10/2001 A Bromley Celtic Frost: Remembering the Past
1/10/2001 P Schwarz Cryptopsy: The Shifting Scales of Brutality
1/10/2001 A Cantwell Extol: Death From the North
1/10/2001 A Bromley HammerFall: Renegades Reliving the Glory Days
1/10/2001 P Schwarz Napalm Death: Killing Is the Business of Their Enemy
1/10/2001 P Schwarz Seth: God: Tied in Steel Handcuffs?
1/10/2001 A Bromley The Black League: Suomi Finland Perkele
1/10/2001 A Bromley Tristania: Unveiling New Realms of Music
11/20/2000 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse: Death Metal Goes Live
11/20/2000 A Bromley Corrosion of Conformity: Evolution Calling
11/20/2000 A Bromley Cradle of Filth: Ressurection of the Filth
11/20/2000 A Wee Hin Onde: Songsmiths of Battle
11/20/2000 A McKay Impaled: And Now For Some -More- Gore...
10/25/2000 P Azevedo Anaal Nathrakh: Necro Lives
10/25/2000 A Bromley Doro: Calling Out to Her Fans
10/25/2000 A Bromley Exhumed: Gory Details From the Exhumed Cult
10/25/2000 P Azevedo Lux Occulta: Re-Constructing a Pocket-Size Universe
10/25/2000 A McKay Morbid Angel: Ageless Angel of Annihilation
10/25/2000 A Bromley Opprobrium: Making a Name For Themselves
10/25/2000 A Wee Unmoored: Simmering in Greed
8/12/2000 A Wasylyk ...And Oceans: Scandinavian Domination
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Aghora: A Cynical Eastern Gathering
8/12/2000 A McKay Altar: The Shrine Unshrouded
8/12/2000 A McKay Broken Hope: Broken But Not Subdued
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Burning Inside: Burn Florida Burn
8/12/2000 A McKay Danzig: Machine
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Decapitated: Beheading the Eastern Prophets
8/12/2000 A Bromley /
A McKay /
A McKay
Demons & Wizards: Satan and Merlin Unite
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Dismember: Dissecting a Decade of Dismemberment
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Earache Records: Foreseeing the Future of Music...?
8/12/2000 A Bromley In Flames: Molding Their Visions
8/12/2000 A Bromley Jag Panzer: Staging a New Sound
8/12/2000 A Ristic King Diamond: The House That King Built
8/12/2000 P Azevedo Malevolence: Malevolently Materialized Martyrdom
8/12/2000 A McKay Mental Home: The Shores of Inner Thoughts
8/12/2000 A McKay Necrophagia: Gore Is Fun
8/12/2000 P Azevedo Rapture: The Futility of It All
8/12/2000 P Schwarz Rebaelliun: Pyromaniacal Slayers Assault Paradise
8/12/2000 P Azevedo Saturnus: For the Loveless Lonely Lives
8/12/2000 A Wee Thy Primordial: Reasoning With the Heretics
8/12/2000 A Bromley Transport League: Still Fighting For Exposure
5/25/2000 P Schwarz Crowbar: The Finely Balanced, Multi-Purpose Tool of Metal... That Never Dies
5/25/2000 P Azevedo Dark Tranquillity: Projecting and Reinventing
5/25/2000 P Schwarz Infestation: Brutalised Britanic Butcherers
5/25/2000 P Schwarz Krisiun: Kneel Before the Conquerors of Armageddon
5/25/2000 P Azevedo Negura Bunget: Truly Transylvanian
5/25/2000 P Schwarz Soulreaper: Reaping, Ravaging, Rebelling and Rocking
5/25/2000 A Bromley The Crown: Racing Towards Destruction
5/25/2000 P Schwarz Vader: The Cold Demons of Death Metal
5/25/2000 A Bromley Virgin Steele: Metal Built on Tragedy
3/5/2000 P Schwarz Apollyon Sun: The Morbid Tales of a Dethroned Emperor
3/5/2000 P Azevedo Empyrium: Songs of Sorrow For the Sleepless
3/5/2000 P Azevedo Rain Fell Within: The Eternal Ethereal Downpour
3/5/2000 P Azevedo Rakoth: Leaving Behind Dimension so Hollow
3/5/2000 A Bromley Sentenced: Living on the Edge
3/5/2000 A Wasylyk Setherial: Hell in Sweden
3/5/2000 A Bromley Therion: Soothing Opera... to Kill by
1/15/2000 P Schwarz Aeternus: And From the Night Came... Shadows of Old?
1/15/2000 A Bromley Amon Amarth: Keeping Metal Simple
1/15/2000 P Azevedo Autumn Tears: Dark Autumnal Symphonies
1/15/2000 A Bromley earthtone9: Evolving Their Noise
1/15/2000 A McKay Forest of Impaled: Coppice of Corpses
1/15/2000 D Rocher Satyricon: ...and Thus Spake the Dark Half
1/15/2000 P Schwarz Vomit Remnants: The Remnants of a Dying Fetus
12/9/1999 A McKay Mortiis: The Shadow's Soul Between Obscurity and Oblivion
12/9/1999 P Azevedo My Dying Bride: The Bride Returns to the Bleak Rainy Moors
12/9/1999 A Bromley Overkill: Classic Covers From Overkill
12/9/1999 P Schwarz Satyricon: In a Moment of Clarity, the Rebels Return
12/9/1999 A McKay The Atomic Bitchwax: Of Electrons and Bikini Lines
12/9/1999 A Bromley The Kovenant: Changing the Face of Metal
12/9/1999 A McKay Vital Remains: A Vital Conversation
10/12/1999 P Schwarz Angelcorpse: Relentless Angelic Cadavers
10/12/1999 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse: Bloodthirsty Veterans
10/12/1999 A Wee Depresy: Cheering Up the Lepers
10/12/1999 P Schwarz /
D Rocher
Nile: Preparing to Again Burst Their Banks
10/12/1999 P Schwarz The Chasm: Diabolical Deathcultic Devastation
10/12/1999 A Bromley Turmoil: Upholding the Process
10/12/1999 P Schwarz /
D Rocher
Vader: Cutline
8/12/1999 A Bromley Borknagar: Bullshitting With Borknagar
8/12/1999 A Bromley Children of Bodom: The Chil'Un Must Rise
8/12/1999 A Bromley God Dethroned: Eden Must Burn
8/12/1999 A Bromley Jesus Martyr: Sex, Drugs and... Porno?
8/12/1999 P Schwarz Suicidal Tendencies: Of Skateboards, Suicide and Pepsi
8/12/1999 D Rocher Tiamat: Within the Sun's Own Shadow
7/7/1999 P Schwarz Arch Enemy: Arched Bridges Beware
7/7/1999 A Wasylyk Blasphemy: Florida's Newest Blasphemy
7/7/1999 A Cantwell Extol: Anointed For Burial
7/7/1999 D Rocher Hypocrisy: The Hypocrite's Arising Realm
7/7/1999 P Schwarz Immolation: Incinerating Yourself to Live
7/7/1999 A Cantwell Mordecai: With Summer's Entrance, Frost Is Banished
7/7/1999 A Bromley Testament: A Testament to Longevity
6/15/1999 A Cantwell Blindside: The Blindside of the Law
6/15/1999 A Bromley Nocturnal Rites: Nightly Nastiness
6/15/1999 A Cantwell Payable on Death: Paid in Full
6/15/1999 A Wasylyk Rotting: Slowly They Rot
6/15/1999 A Bromley Skinlab: The Flesh Dealers Return
5/19/1999 A Bromley Amorphis: Living Up to Their Name
5/19/1999 P Azevedo Ashes You Leave: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
5/19/1999 A McKay Bethlehem: From Here to the Unholy Land
5/19/1999 A McKay Epoch of Unlight: Of Epoch Proportions
5/19/1999 P Schwarz Immortal: We Worship Winter
5/19/1999 P Azevedo In the Woods...: ...of Delightful Melancholy
5/19/1999 P Schwarz Infestation: Infesting For the Future
5/19/1999 P Azevedo Odeum: The Swedish Invasion Continues
5/19/1999 P Azevedo Primordial: Dark Songs of Erenn
5/19/1999 P Azevedo Soriben: Spanish Doom Is Growing
5/19/1999 A Bromley Witchery: Celebrating Metal's Past
3/14/1999 A Bromley Exhumed: Madmen of Mutilation
3/14/1999 A Cantwell Kekal: Beyond a Glimpse of Borneo
3/14/1999 D Rocher Marduk: Far Beyond the Grace of God
3/14/1999 A Cantwell Necromanicide: Hate Regime Wars
3/14/1999 A Bromley Orange Goblin: Passing the Bong
3/14/1999 J Webb Overkill: Still Killing
3/14/1999 P Schwarz Satyricon: An Extravagant Rebel Conquest
2/13/1999 P Schwarz Aura Noir: Of Thrash and Trueness
2/13/1999 A Wasylyk Bathory: The Countess' Favorite Band Lives on
2/13/1999 P Azevedo Madder Mortem: Crimson Dreams
2/13/1999 A Bromley Night in Gales: A Night to Remember
2/13/1999 D Rocher Ritual Carnage: The Great Eastern Trendkill
1/16/1999 D Rocher A Canorous Quintet: Liber Legis Metalli
1/16/1999 A Cantwell Abigail: A Different Shade of Sonnet
1/16/1999 P Schwarz Bolt Thrower: Mercenaries; Battling For Victory
1/16/1999 A McKay Children of Bodom: Wild Child
1/16/1999 A Bromley Crack Up: Keeping It Sane
1/16/1999 A Bromley Drown: Misfits of the Mainstream
1/16/1999 P Schwarz Dying Fetus: Nothing But Absolute Defiance
1/16/1999 P Schwarz Enslaved: A Viking Vengeance, in Blood
1/16/1999 D Rocher Grip Inc.: Gripping With Style
1/16/1999 P Azevedo Siebenburgen: Swedish Vampire Tales
1/16/1999 D Rocher The Gathering: A Gathering in Perpetual Motion
1/16/1999 P Azevedo Tristania: Flowing Midwintertears
11/19/1998 A Bromley In Ruins: Repairing the Ruins
11/19/1998 A Bromley Jag Panzer: Mastering Their Metal
11/19/1998 P Schwarz Malevolent Creation: Malevolent Mass Murdering Maniacs
11/19/1998 P Azevedo My Dying Bride: The Bride No Longer Wears Black
10/1/1998 A Bromley Bruce Dickinson: Bruce Don't Bullshit
10/1/1998 A McKay Death: Vision of the Anointed
10/1/1998 A Bromley Lesser Known: Who Knew?
10/1/1998 A Bromley Sentenced: Never to Be Freed
10/1/1998 P Schwarz Sepultura: Slowed Down, But Not For Long
9/1/1998 A Bromley Anthrax: Still a Threat
9/1/1998 A Bromley Arch Enemy: Unearthing the Demons Within
9/1/1998 P Schwarz Crowbar: From Behind the Black Horizon
9/1/1998 A Bromley Dirty Deeds: Doing Dirt Cheap
9/1/1998 P Azevedo Evemaster: Finnish Fire
9/1/1998 A Wasylyk Falkenbach: The Vikings' True Voice
9/1/1998 A Bromley Iced Earth: Glaciers Are Us
9/1/1998 P Azevedo Sculpture: A Sculpture of Sorrow
9/1/1998 A Bromley Therion: Eloquent Emotions
9/1/1998 P Azevedo Unholy: Tears From the Thousand Lakes
7/8/1998 P Azevedo Anathema: Delusions of Silence
7/8/1998 A Bromley Cradle of Filth: From Cradle to Grave...
7/8/1998 P Azevedo Long Winters' Stare: The Endless Winter Inside
7/8/1998 P Azevedo Opeth: Born Within Sorrow's Mask
7/8/1998 A Bromley Pulkas: Taking Pulka to a New Level
7/8/1998 A Bromley Slayer: Monarchs to the Kingdom of the Dead
6/7/1998 A Bromley Cannibal Corpse: Visiting the Gallery of the Damned
6/7/1998 S Hoeltzel Ember: Smoldering Sub Terra
6/7/1998 A Bromley Nocturnal Rites: Retro Metal For the Masses
6/7/1998 P Azevedo Novembers Doom: The Bitter-Sweet Taste of Life
6/7/1998 P Azevedo Peaceville Records: The X-Viles
4/13/1998 P Azevedo Ancient Ceremony: Tales of Vampyric Romanticism
4/13/1998 P Schwarz Cryptopsy: Blasphemous, Vile and Now Supreme
4/13/1998 A Bromley Guillotine: Let Them Eat Cake
4/13/1998 P Azevedo Officium Triste: Living a Lonesome Life
4/13/1998 A Bromley Sanctum: Momentum Through Emotion
4/13/1998 P Azevedo Solefald: Unifying the Musical Extremes
3/10/1998 A Bromley In Flames: The Flame of Ingenuity
3/10/1998 A Bromley King Diamond: The Curse of the King
3/10/1998 P Schwarz Morbid Angel: Hellspawn Reborn
1/1/1998 P Schwarz Brutal Truth: Still Not Loud Enough, Still Not Fast Enough
1/1/1998 A Bromley Edge of Sanity: On With the Saga
1/1/1998 A Bromley Hypocrisy: It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Lady Sings
1/1/1998 P Azevedo Rotting Christ: Seen One Season, Felt Only Cold
11/17/1997 D Schinzel Algaion: Questions From the Temple of Pain
11/17/1997 A Wasylyk Angelcorpse: Hammer of Metal
11/17/1997 A Wasylyk Dark Funeral: The Dark Age Has Arrived
11/17/1997 A Wasylyk Morbid Angel: A Morbid Update
11/17/1997 D Schinzel Niden Div. 187: An Officer and a Gentleman
11/17/1997 A Bromley Skrew: Skrewin' the Dawg
10/16/1997 A Bromley Crack Up: Crackheads Aplenty
10/16/1997 A Bromley Death of Millions: Death of Millions
10/16/1997 S Hoeltzel Emperor: Thus Spake the Nightspirit
10/16/1997 A Bromley Obituary: Not Dead Yet
10/16/1997 P Schwarz Vader: Within the Dark Lord'S Silent Empire
9/14/1997 S Hoeltzel Absu: Across Ages Arcane
9/14/1997 A Bromley Crematory: Burn Baby Burn
9/14/1997 D Schinzel Deceased: Night of the Deceased
9/14/1997 A Wasylyk Extreme Noise Terror: Extreme Noise Terrorists
9/14/1997 D Schinzel Lord Belial: As Black As They Wanna Be
9/14/1997 P Azevedo Orphanage: At the Mountains of Madness
8/12/1997 S Hoeltzel Arckanum: The Wood Is His 'Hood
8/12/1997 P Azevedo Autumn Tears: Sorrowful Is the Beauty of Autumn
8/12/1997 S Hoeltzel Dimmu Borgir: Up From the Underground
8/12/1997 G Filicetti Filthboy: Catchin' a Buzz
8/12/1997 A Bromley Godflesh: In the Flesh
8/12/1997 A Bromley Hocico: Deep Emotions and Darkened Images
8/12/1997 D Schinzel Iced Earth: Icing on the Cake
8/12/1997 D Schinzel Testament: Thrash Up Yo Ass, Muthafucka
8/12/1997 A Wasylyk Therion: Melancholic Musical Masters
7/14/1997 P Azevedo Dominion: Interfacing
7/14/1997 A Bromley Geezer Butler: The Science of Heaviness
7/14/1997 A Bromley Hanzel und Gretyl: Children For Breakfest
7/14/1997 A Bromley Thy Serpent: Ophidian Oration
6/7/1997 A Bromley Bongwater: Hits From the Bong
6/7/1997 D Schinzel December Wolves: December Destruction
6/7/1997 D Schinzel HammerFall: Hammering Out the Details
6/7/1997 D Schinzel Kalisia: Progressing Into the Future
6/7/1997 D Schinzel Phlebotomized: The More Things Change...
6/7/1997 A Bromley Sentenced: The Changelings
6/7/1997 A Bromley Within Temptation: The Last Temptation
5/13/1997 P Azevedo Amorphis: The Search for Perfect Melody
5/13/1997 A Bromley Anal Cunt: Conversing With a Cunt
5/13/1997 Z Tsarfin Grief: Good Grief
5/13/1997 A Bromley Heavy Water Factory: Cooling the Reactor
5/13/1997 P Azevedo The Blood Divine: Bleeding Divine Blood
5/13/1997 A Bromley W.A.S.P.: They're Back...
4/9/1997 S Hoeltzel Behemoth: Bards of the Black Baltic
4/9/1997 A Wasylyk Blood of Christ: The Blood Is the Life
4/9/1997 D Schinzel Cradle of Filth: Capturing the Cradle of Creativity
4/9/1997 P Azevedo Edge of Sanity: Swano's Edge
4/9/1997 A Bromley Grip Inc.: Dave Dishes It Out Again
4/9/1997 S Hoeltzel Impaled Nazarene: Nazarene With a Fax Machine
4/9/1997 A Bromley In Flames: Serious About Success
4/9/1997 A Bromley My Dying Bride: Behold the Bride
4/9/1997 D Schinzel Oxiplegatz: Alf Articulates All
4/9/1997 A Bromley Peter Tagtgren: Peter's Pain
3/16/1997 A Bromley Acid Bath: Neutralizing the Bass
3/16/1997 A Gaudrault Dio: On the Mend
3/16/1997 A Bromley Nightstick: Fucked Up and Loving It
3/16/1997 A Wasylyk Quo Vadis: Fuck the Status Quo
3/16/1997 S Hoeltzel Sinister: Across the Styx and Back
3/16/1997 S Hoeltzel Summoning: Messages From Mordor
2/5/1997 P Azevedo Dismal Euphony: Dismal Thoughts
2/5/1997 P Azevedo Imperium: The Rise of Imperium
2/5/1997 P Schwarz Konkhra: Konkhring the Weak
2/5/1997 A Bromley Old Grandad: Never Underestimate Grand-Paps
2/5/1997 A Gaudrault Razor: Retrospective and Recent Realities
2/5/1997 A Bromley Today Is the Day: Today Is a Good Day to Die
1/2/1997 S Hoeltzel Abigor: Crimson Questions and Ashen Replies
1/2/1997 S Hoeltzel Diaboli: Diabolic Dialogue
1/2/1997 A Bromley Gomorrah: Caressing Heaviness
1/2/1997 A Bromley Inner Thought: Perspectives Played Out
1/2/1997 A Bromley Korn: Kareless and Krazy
1/2/1997 A Bromley Manowar: Metal's Masters
1/2/1997 A Bromley Meliah Rage: The Rage Returns
1/2/1997 A Bromley Nevermore: Seattle's Sinister Sages
11/18/1996 A Wasylyk Anhkrehg: Montreal's Maniacs
11/18/1996 A Bromley Brutal Truth: Revealing the Brutal Truth
11/18/1996 S Hoeltzel Dimmu Borgir: Storming the Black Castle
11/18/1996 A Wasylyk Exit-13: Exit to Euphoria
11/18/1996 A Wasylyk Human Remains: Revealing the Remains
11/18/1996 A Bromley Stuck Mojo: When Pigs Fly
11/18/1996 A Bromley Type O Negative: Spreading Darkness Once Again
11/18/1996 A Bromley Vision of Disorder: Expressing the Vision
10/11/1996 A Bromley Another White Male: Wrestling With Whitey
10/11/1996 A Wasylyk Blood Duster: Dusting the Outback
10/11/1996 A Bromley Embrace: Embracing the Ethereal
10/11/1996 G Filicetti Moonspell: Irreligious Inquiries
10/11/1996 S Hoeltzel Mortiis: Mind Melding With Mortiis
10/11/1996 A Bromley Rotting Christ: Revealing the Rotted Remains
10/11/1996 A Wasylyk Soulquake System: The Quintessential Quake
10/11/1996 A Wasylyk Turmoil: Tackling the Turmoil
8/12/1996 G Filicetti Ancient: Aphazel's Almighty Ancient
8/12/1996 G Filicetti Grave: Digging Graves and Hating It
8/12/1996 A Bromley Iced Earth: Spawn-Ing New Territory
8/12/1996 A Bromley Monster Voodoo Machine: Mutiny on the Machine
8/12/1996 A Bromley Solus: Toronto's Takeover
8/12/1996 B Meloon Spastic Ink: Indelibly Inked
8/12/1996 A Bromley The Almighty: The Classic Comeback
7/17/1996 S Hoeltzel Abigor: Update From the Twilight Kingdom
7/17/1996 S Hoeltzel Apollyon Sun: Apollyon's Sun Illuminates the Frost
7/17/1996 A Gaudrault Deicide: Lucifer'S Right-Hand Man Speaks
7/17/1996 A Bromley Grim Skunk: Releasing the Reek
7/17/1996 S Hoeltzel Malevolent Creation: Malevolently Plowing Forward
7/17/1996 A Bromley Prong: Gargantuan Grooves
6/9/1996 G Filicetti Amorphis: The Alteration of All Norms
6/9/1996 A Bromley Chum: Attacking From the Appalachian's
6/9/1996 A Bromley Decoryah: Melancholic Madness
6/9/1996 A Gaudrault Morbid Angel: Eyes to Read, Ears to Listen
6/9/1996 A Gaudrault Obliveon: A New Beginning For Canadian Hellions
6/9/1996 B Meloon Spiral Architect: Spiralling Toward Success
6/9/1996 S Hoeltzel Wicked Innocence: No Rest For the Wicked Innocent
5/10/1996 G Filicetti Cannibal Corpse: Reviving the Corpse
5/10/1996 G Filicetti Edge of Sanity: Over the Edge of Sanity
5/10/1996 A Bromley Paradise Lost: Can Paradise Ever Be Found?
5/10/1996 A Bromley Pitch Shifter: The Pitch of Pessimism
5/10/1996 A Bromley Serpent: Serpent Singer Sheds His Skin
4/18/1996 G Filicetti Eyehategod: Struggling to Stop the Stereotypes
4/18/1996 A Gaudrault Inner Misery: ...Of Outer Pain and Inner Misery
4/18/1996 A Bromley Neurosis: Neurotics Never Know
4/18/1996 S Sanchez Ophthalamia: Ophthalamia Opens Up
3/14/1996 A Bromley Crisis: Surviving the Crisis
3/14/1996 G Filicetti Hypocrisy: Hanging With the Hypocrites
3/14/1996 A Bromley Iron Maiden: Keeping the Irons Up
3/14/1996 G Filicetti Motorhead: Maintaining the Madness
3/14/1996 A Bromley My Dying Bride: Dying With Pride
2/9/1996 G Filicetti Immolation: Continuing the Crucifixion
2/9/1996 A Bromley Sacred Reich: Resurrecting the Reich
2/9/1996 A Bromley Sepultura: Rainforest Rumblings Revealed
2/9/1996 A Bromley Speedball: Hotrods, Highways and Hair Cuts
1/17/1996 G Filicetti Brutal Truth: Malformed Musical Mayhem
1/17/1996 A Bromley Hanzel Und Gretyl: The Noise of Making Art
1/17/1996 A Bromley Hostility: The Hostile Takeover Begins
1/17/1996 A Bromley Napalm Death: On A New Plane of Existence
1/17/1996 G Filicetti Substance for God: Sacred Substance
1/17/1996 B Meloon The Great Kat: Kilobytes, Komputers, and Kraziness
12/13/1995 A Bromley Dissection: Dissecting and Devouring the Details With Dissection
12/13/1995 A Bromley Nailbomb: Guns, Bombs, and La Policia
12/13/1995 A Bromley Pro-Pain: Painful Pleas From the Pros
12/13/1995 A Bromley Six Feet Under: Six Feet Above the Rest
11/8/1995 B Meloon At the Gates: At the Gates' Almighty Acclamations
11/8/1995 A Bromley Bathory: Bathory
11/8/1995 G Filicetti Edge of Sanity: On the Edge of Complete Conquest
11/8/1995 A Bromley Monster Voodoo Machine: Monster Voodoo Machine
10/1/1995 G Filicetti Filthboy: Filthboy's Fanatical Fight for Fame
10/1/1995 A Bromley Misery Loves Co.: Misery Loves Chatting
10/1/1995 A Bromley Mortification: Taking metal down a different path
10/1/1995 A Bromley Nevermore: Thrash the Seattle Way?!?
10/1/1995 A Bromley Only Living Witness: Only Living Witness
10/1/1995 A Bromley Souls at Zero: A Minor Reflection
10/1/1995 A Bromley Strapping Young Lad: Bracing for Success
9/2/1995 A Bromley Benediction: Revamping the Past... Sort Of
9/2/1995 A Bromley Dismember: Growing To Become the 'Perfect' Metal Band
9/2/1995 G Filicetti Pyogenesis: Beware the German Invasion
8/12/1995 A Bromley Fear Factory: The Fine Art of Noisemaking
8/12/1995 A Bromley Rotting: Independant Feature
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