Antigama - _Stop the Chaos_
(Selfmadegod Records, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (5.5 out of 10)
Apparently Polish Antigama have existed since the year 2000, releasing five full-lengths and a handful of splits. _Stop the Chaos_ is only a 15-minute EP, yet for this kind of music -- grindcore-inclined death metal -- these short tunes are more than enough. Let's face it, grindcore is usually a one-trick pony with little to offer other than obliterating chaos. Pick one or two good grind-related albums and stick to them; you won't miss much. I've picked my favourite grindcore outputs a long time ago: Blood's _Impulse to Destroy_ and Atrocity's _Blue Blood_ 7"; the rest is inconsequential.

Not that I expected another brilliant Carcass clone of sorts, but for rather lower expectations as this reviewer had, Antigama sure delivered a rather sweet deathgrind meets melody combo, where adolescent angst and maximum vehemence share the same stage with a more melodic approach to music, some of which isn't metal-related at all. The grindcore is utterly basic, exhibiting the same tried-out riffs in repetition (the very ones metalcore and deathcore bands would later on embrace so dearly), but the drums, except when blasting everything to kingdom come, do exhibit some interesting patterns.

Other than the fact these guys sound like another thousand bands out there, they do exhibit a streak of uniqueness, be it the arrangements and structures within the tracks, the addition of some electronica or the interesting riffs where they distance themselves from 'traditional' grindcore. Then again, these are foreign to the backbone of their music, while the very grindcore / deathgrind element, the bread and butter of their existence as a musical entity, is not interesting enough to be regarded as a viable standalone musical force.

If you're into Rotten Sound and the likes, spinning this EP loud enough, especially while driving, sounds like fun. Personally, the best track for this reviewer is closer "The End" -- which is, ironically, an all-electronic, 'instrumental' piece...


(article published 29/12/2012)

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