Neurotic Machinery - _Exi(s)t_
(Independent, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
Czech death metallers Neurotic Machinery are an example for a passionate band. Releasing an EP independently and submitting an impressive promotional kit is not a common deed by a band that self-financed its release, which is, in a nutshell, extremely good sounding in terms of production values and recording professionalism.

In the aforementioned press kit, the band has attached its previous recording, 2010's sophomore album named _Opsialgia_, so I've listened to a couple of songs off that album just to get a clue and a reference point in relation to the newest effort, a 22 minute EP called _Exi(s)t_. I must say this EP showcases almost a quantum leap for the band in terms of songwriting abilities, delivery, melody and dynamics. But mostly, this EP is undeniable proof of the band's inventiveness (minus a couple of "borrowed" riffs).

_Exi(s)t_ is a product of a mature, creative band taking its metal seriously, from head to toe. Demonstrating a varied type of melodic death metal rooted in the thrash metal school, the music captured on _Exi(s)t_ is powerful, eclectic and almost colorful (to use an inadequate adjective in the context of a death metal band -- after all, it is death metal...). They exercise multiple rhythms and ultra-melodic sections, interlacing them within the fabric of the band's devouring death metal.

The approach to metal here is technical for the most part, even progressive, but not excessively so, and the main focus is the interesting riffs and occasional, nicely delivered guitar solos with an abundance of tremolo-picking and incessantly shifting rhythms. The intense, carefully constructed music is brimming with know-how and the right approach to modern, intelligent metal; the instruments sound just perfect and the vocalist delivers a tight performance coupled with charisma and enthusiasm.

These 22 minutes fly by in a heartbeat, leaving me wanting more of that roller-coaster of an album. _Exi(s)t_ has opened a door for a completely unknown band, whose existence will be, from now on, by no means disregarded or forgotten. It left this reviewer virtually drooling and with great anticipation for the band's next effort, which will hopefully be realized soon. Best EP of the year? Probably.


(article published 27/11/2012)

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