Heikousen - _Parallels_
(Translation Loss, 2012)
by: Dan Lake (7 out of 10)
If late '90s Dillinger Escape Plan had momentarily forgotten to be the edgiest and most complex band on the planet (quiet in the peanut gallery...), the outcome might have sounded much like Heikousen's latest offering. _Parallels_ injects the infinity-calculators' tech-spazz hyperactivity with just a smidge more open melodicism and a few biting solos to sweeten the package. "Shit Is the Business We're In" flashes a bit of tone manipulation and tasty bass attacks. "Tax Fraud" breaks midtune to breathe and build back into a terrific firestorm. The pair of "Untitled" bits, as well as the gorgeous "Simulated Encounters With God", give everyone a moment to remember what sunshine and clean clothes feel like before descending again into the sonic gutter. "On Accidental Purpose" breaks out the clean vocals near the end of the record. All in all, _Parallels_ sounds like its sharp-angled, grime-smeared cover art: bandaged and bleeding, crawling with cockroaches, loosely gripping a bright glass of whiskey (at eleven a.m.?) with a gnarled-root tooth floating where ice should be. This is the soundtrack to mental dissolution and personal ruin. Rock it.

Contact: http://www.translationloss.com

(article published 27/11/2012)

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