Embrional - _Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors_
(Old Temple, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
"Odium Humani Generis!" the growler belches; hatred for mankind! ("Vermin of the Earth".) But these Polish boys also like to use acoustic guitars and are very much into some pretty beautiful yet basic short intermissions; merciful islands of sanity among the bestial maelstrom of their music.

Embrional offer death metal. Look at that very watered-down term and read carefully. Death. Metal. A combination that's supposed to be fatal; dangerous, poisonous, combustible; a marriage from hell. You've got death from one side, and metal from the other. What's more musically deadly than that? Embrional play death metal. Full stop. Not brutal death metal. Not black/death metal. Not old-school or new-school or post or pre. Not any amalgamation of genres, nor hybrids, nor this-slash-that. No. Unadulterated, untamed, savage, lightning fast death metal. Metal of death that is also inherently melodic, harmonious, technical to a degree and ingeniously varied to the ears of the careful listener.

_Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors_ is a beautifully constructed, bad-ass album from beginning to end, with no weaknesses to be found. Atmospherically suffocating and rhythmically blast-beating maddeningly in a clockwork precision, this is a wet dream for fans of any aspect of death metal; technical, atmospheric, melodic, intelligent. The drumming in particular is insane; complex and varied, and even though the blasts are the presiding element, the drum lines allow for a softer, slower side of them to emerge. Coupled with the strummed guitars, a dead-end dark ambient is built -- and destroyed, again and again.

You can hear traces of Pestilence's _Testimony of the Ancients_ in _Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors_, as well as some Chuck Schuldiner's Death riffs, all enshrouded by Suffocation's _Effigy of the Forgotten_-like dynamic, larger-than-life energy.

The production serves as another key element here, almost an indivisible musical instrument, for its crisp, bass-laden, pristine value pushes the music forward and peels the crude crust of an otherwise cacophonous substance, only to reveal the whole musical beast in its most glorious dark sonic colors, what in turn makes every minute aspect of the punishing music heard and appreciated.

_Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors_ is a true gem in the realm of death metal; a thoughtful, inspired album, owning mountain-moving powers, highly capable musicians who handle this rather complex music well, and enough a talent in terms of songwriting so not a single heartbeat of these 38 moments was either wasted or even remotely boring.

Contact: http://www.oldtemple.com/

(article published 27/11/2012)

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