Schattenbrandung - _I - Apophänie_
(Independent, 2012)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (7 out of 10)
Schattenbrandung is young band from the city of Stuttgart in Germany's scenic Alpine south. Their first album _I - Apophänie_ comes as the first part of a trilogy of albums planned by these five young men. Such a plan reminds me of England's Fall of Efrafa with their three inter-connected albums. _I - Apophänie _ (German for apophenia) is a very daring start to an ambitious plan and it has a lot that has me interested to know what will happen in the second and third chapters. It's quite a barren album that sounds like desolation and wilderness -- not easily digestible; just like the band's name.

_I - Apophänie_ covers a wide range of the metal spectrum. It presents a thick emulsion of doom, progressive and post-metal. It contains six tracks that don't have names per se; just roman numerals from one to six. Over their total length of sixty-three minutes, vicious blasts and trills will explode in your face for short bursts and then an acoustic section will take over to spread serenity on the scene. Doom-like chugs are interspersed over some clean vocals only to hand over to some of the raspiest black metal screams I've heard in 2012. A guitar lick with an oriental hint will elevate proceedings to new heights and then a powerful beat takes over to provide a sturdy platform for some more of these raspy vocals that deliver the lyrics in German.

These twists and turns and many more like them are all over _I - Apophänie_ and it's not the album to pick tracks from because they all meld together very nicely; as nice as post-black doom metal goes. So take a deep breath and dive a little deeper into the extreme metal underground; we don't have cookies but you'll definitely have a good time here with Schattenbrandung.


(article published 4/11/2012)

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