Pig Destroyer - _Book Burner_
(Relapse Records, 2012)
by: Johnathan A. Carbon (7.5 out of 10)
That is the Pig Destroyer everyone knows. I feel sheepish about doing this review, because the Pig Destroyer I know and love is somewhat different. Oh, it's all deathgrind -- however I, like some, got into this band at _Phantom Limb_. If you listen closely, you can hear _Prowler in the Yard_ fans laugh. For those who are of the _Phantom Limb_ generation, we are used to punishing deathgrind which is intense yet structured through two to four minute running time. This has not always been the case. If you can believe it, things were more chaotic. Pig Destroyer's fifth record _Book Burner_ is a tribute to the past, attempting to present the band's primordial terror.

_Book Burner_ comes after a lengthy five year silence. Alright, that is not completely true. In 2008, Pig Destroyer released a weird ass sludge album which further alienated fans already ruffled with their slide to more mainstream pastures. _Book Burner_ resets everything. Alright, that is not completely true. While pretty much always having support from large labels and publications, Pig Destroyer never seems to soften. If _Book Burner_ is a testament to anything, it is the band's ability to write tracks with aging maturity but play their instruments like immortal youth.

Like most Pig Destroyer albums, this one is gone before one realizes it. More than _Phantom Limb_, the songs on _Book Burner_are fired at the rate of a machine gun. It is hilarious to look at the track number and feel one has time traveled through a record. At a slim 30 minute running time, Pig Destroyer takes the intensity of a 60 minute sludge record and presents the concentration at twice the speed. This is where things get started. This is where bones get broken.

One of Pig Destroyer's strongest assets is their ability to lock into grooves. While I enjoy their frenetic deathgrind, which sometimes takes the shape of a hornet cloud, it is their moments when everything, despite its location, moves in one direction that make songs like "The Diplomat" work in exquisite ways. Much like earlier tracks such as "Machete Twins", Pig Destroyer works the best when they all run towards the same location. These moments of harrowing bliss contrast the sheer brutality of the rest of the album. They are the cherries on this deathgrind cupcake.

Pig Destroyer has been slowly gaining more recognition and fan support. If I were forced to, I would say they are closer to mainstream metal than most. It is still hilarious to think about short tracks of explosive terror as being mainstream. This shit rules. Give me a wall so I can kick a hole in it.

(article published 4/11/2012)

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