Phobia - _Remnants of Filth_
(Willowtip Records, 2012)
by: Dan Lake (7 out of 10)
When eighteen tracks get packed into less than twenty minutes (easier to do when songs top out at a minute-thirty, and most never get near that point), the grind aficionado expects blistering, unrepentant blast terrorism. Which Phobia certainly provide on the Willowtip-issued _Remnants of Filth_, but which is by no means the only method of speaker annihilation. Tracks like "Dementia Having Overdose", "Freedom Isn't Free" and "Resuscitate" pummel with heavy artillery drum fire over much tamer chord progressions, while "Resolution" and "Filthy Fucking Punks" revel in groove-grind time changes. "Deaden to Believe" even jams a sweet guitar solo. It's easy to make a mess of this brand of straight-ahead hell-grind, but Phobia have twenty years of chops on their side, and _Remnants of Filth_ turns promise into action. It makes you think: If these guys (and gal) can do this much with twenty minutes, what might you accomplish in the next forty?


(article published 7/10/2012)

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