Morbid Saint - _Spectrum of Death_
(Relapse Records (reissue), 2012)
by: Aaron McKay (no rating)
Here's the epitome of an epically possessed thrash classic that never really reached the critical mass of attention it so richly deserved. Morbid Saint opened shows for the legendary outfits of the likes of Death and Dark Angel. Proximity to such raw, brutal talent undeniably impacted Morbid Saint's terrorizingly unrefined sound.

Wisconsin's Morbid Saint parted company in the early to mid 1990s, but have come back together over the course of the past couple of years and are laying down new material. Given this development, Relapse has done the metal listening community a huge, giant solid by re-releasing the unbridled genius found on _Spectrum of Death_. For the MS uninitiated think _Persecution Mania_ meets _Altars of Madness_ at an _Annihilation Principle_ throw-down imbibing untold amount of _Survive_ and possibly washing that down with a little _Shattered Existence_.

Even so much as a haphazardly casual spin, Morbid Saint will pound you savagely about the head and chest for the entire thirty two minute duration of _Spectrum of Death_. The two cuts over seven minutes, "Assassian" and "Scars", provide some of the most unmitigated, pronounced evidence of Morbid Saint's command of their skills. At the same time, all seven songs, as well as the forty-four second title-track instrumental, pull back the veil of unfairness as to why this Midwestern death thrash five-piece never secured the acclaim they fought for and earned. Since reforming, maybe circumstances will favor another Morbid Saint attempt at world domination.


(article published 15/7/2012)

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