Wolfbrigade - _Dammed_
(Southern Lord, 2012)
by: Johnathan A. Carbon (7 out of 10)
I could listen to Swedish D-beat / crust / hardcore until the world explodes. Perhaps if I listen to this enough, the sky will open and pour a fiery demise. D-beat originated in England with Discharge and a heavy influence from Motorhead. From its roots, the style has moved throughout Europe and jumped into America. For some reason, I love Swedish D-beat as it seems so natural for a country rich in hardcore and extreme metal. It could be the style for their national anthem. Why in the hell not?

Wolfbrigade exists as two historic entities. Well, three. First there was Wolfpack producing rough releases in the mid '90s. Then there was the newly named Wolfbrigade rounding out the decade with equally rough but near perfect releases. Then there was nothing, at least until 2007. The third earthly avatar for Wolfbrigade has been the most fruitful ever with polished releases of produced terror. _Dammed_ is the first release from Southern Lord and considering the label's history with crust and grime, Woldbrigade has found a new home.

Wolfbrigade's eighth release does little to redefine D-beat or even the overall direction for the band. _Dammed_ is a genre album where things follow every stylistic rule. Entering into the record yields familiar surroundings and few surprises. This, of course, is not a terrible thing, as every note hits with a sense of power and purpose. Who am I kidding? This record is great and everything I want at the moment.

(article published 1/7/2012)

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