Judd Madden - _Doomgroove_
(Independent, 2012)
by: Johnathan A. Carbon (8 out of 10)
Last year, I had the pleasure to interview Judd Madden, an Australian who runs a one man progressive stoner bedroom project with shockingly pleasing results. In 2011, Madden released two albums (_Drown_, _Float_) both exploring new lands with the wonder of early settlers. One of the charms with Madden is his earnest fascination new styles of music. His album and song names are more like journal entries written in the heart of a frontier country. There is excitement in his work. _Doomgroove_ is Madden's second exploration into stoner doom from his previous excursion _Drown_. Madden now stands a bit older with more wisdom regarding the back trails of doom country.

One of my reservations regarding 2011's _Drown_ was its tendency to meandering. Discovery is fine, but the majority of _Drown_ lacked cohesion and felt like solo jamming. _Doomgroove_ has corrected these misgivings with an instrumental doom record which is both exciting and well crafted. All of the ghosts of doom are present in Madden's new record, from Sleep and Sabbath to Earth and Electric Wizard. With a record as much of a celebration as original work, there is little holding me back from embracing this album with a warm hug.

_Doomgroove_ offers long instrumental tracks. Just by glancing at the song list, 5 to 15 minute tracks greet the apprehensive or excited listener. Madden has a wonderful ability to not only structure these marathon tracks but retain a sense of exploratory fun. Even the massive 15 minute closer "Aeons" never bores, rather briefly reviews all the points in conclusive fashion. _Doomgroove_ could be the greatest research paper on stoner metal played in song form.

It should be stated again that Madden loves music and approaches styles each time with a fresh starry eyed wonder. In his enthusiastic email to me, Madden promised fans of his previous records _Float_ and _Waterfall_ can expect more post metal for the next album. Madden possesses an incredible amount of optimism fit for at least four bands. Even if his interests led him to wander into the regions of folk and country, I would gladly follow in my covered wagon. Metal is a style in which hate and disdain are sometimes standard forms of currency. From time to time, it is refreshing to hear joy and jubilation wrapped in heavy blankets of doom.

Contact: http://juddmadden.bandcamp.com

(article published 2/4/2012)

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