Dimesland - _Creepmoon_
(Vendlus Records, 2012)
by: Dan Lake (7 out of 10)
How is this shit not on Ipecac? Not that I've heard much of what passes for an Ipecac release recently (the Fantomas-Tomahawk-Isis withdrawal still burns too deeply), but if any respectably heavy outfit ever broke through the discerning (sn)ears of the oft confounding Mr. Patton, it would be Dimesland.

Don't leave yet! This is no gonzo banjo-sludge-jazz hybrid. It's just that Dimesland make mildly wonky tech death vignettes with a dash of electronic wheezing and a smattering of razor sharp vocals that would fit Patton's venom-spitting stage persona beautifully. Three of the six songs on offer here are instrumental, a condition for which they suffer not at all. When the band's singer does take the mike, his dry delivery very capably mimics Chuck Schuldiner's mid-period Death rasp. Incidentally, if these guys don't love Dysrhythmia then they should get their heads out of their time-changing asses. Don't be fooled by easy comparisons, though -- Dimesland make their very own brand of jarring racket. The contrast between barbed riffs and melancholy sound manipulation plays beautifully, displaying a variety of execution that makes the EP's already brisk 18 minutes feel even shorter. If Dimesland can sustain the quirky labyrinthine quality over the duration of a full-length record (and give that creature an arc wide enough to warrant the length), it would sure be worth hearing.

Contact: http://www.dimesland.com/

(article published 2/4/2012)

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