Imminent Sonic Destruction - _Recurring Themes_
(Independent, 2012)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
The title is about the only fitting place for the word "recurring" when referencing Detroit, Michigan's amalgam innovators, Imminent Sonic Destruction. Quite possibly it is the name of the band that invokes images of Germany's thrash legends, Destruction, or possibly the hint that this auditory assault is absolutely impending -- either way Imminent Sonic Destruction isn't what you might have currently envisioned in your mind.

Naturally at home on stage opening a show for The Cult, Katatonia, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Dio (RIP), Lizzy Borden or Judas Priest, Imminent Sonic Destruction is absolutely the definition of Pandora's box of cacophonous phonic potpourri. Progressively melodious paired with textured harmonies complete with chunky, fat riffs and solos of wild abandon, ISD is nothing if not overtly and captivatingly resourceful.

Playing on elongated song structures, keyboard melodies, whispered undertones and complex passages, ISD does more to develop its formula in a concerted effort to likely broaden the appeal far beyond the inherently intuitive neo-progressive devotee audience. Weighty, luxuriant combinations of riffs and rhythm, this five piece outfit at times sounds like a full philharmonic orchestra, but for the undeniably metal layered rich bass, passionate rhythm guitars and intoxicating solos.

_Recurring Themes_ is nearly seventy-five minutes in duration; an ambitious goal for an outfit to believe they can capture and hold a listener's ear. Tracks on the release range from "The Remembering" coming in at 2:04 all the way to the last cut from _RT_, "Raven", clocking a mind-numbing 16:36 -- all imaginatively developed and executed. Additionally, the mostly clean vocals with an intermittent growling delivery superimpose a real depth to certain cuts from _RT_, as evidenced by the eight minute and thirty-nine second killer track, "Sick".

With the combined abilities of Scott Thompson (guitars / vocals), Pat DeLeon (ex-Tiles, percussion), Bryan Paxton (bass and vocals), Pete Hopersberger (keyboards) and Tony Piccoli (lead vocals and guitars) and masterfully produced by Roy Z (Sepultura / Yngwie Malmsteen / Judas Priest / Bruce Dickinson), this band never doubles back on itself. These gypsies of Spaghetti Junction have authenticated a concordant revolution that is anything but recurring; rather imaginatively authentic perceptible escape.


(article published 4/3/2012)

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