Dischordia - _Creator, Destroyer_
(Ricburn Media, 2011)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (6 out of 10)
I've always found it rather amusing that some places in the world have repeated names, like Mexico City as the capital of Mexico or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This geographic piece of information is only half relevant though. Dischordia is not from the bustling Mexican capital; it's a death metal band that hails from heart of the American state of Oklahoma. Now when one thinks of American death metal, the usual stars are from the New York scene or the Florida scene, and in some cases, some bands come up from other cities, but Oklahoma hardly shows up on the death metal map.

So after giving Dischordia's first release _Creator, Destroyer_ a few listens, I've found an album with some potential that can shape the scene a little differently. I am however a bit cautious in using the word potential, because _Creator, Destroyer_ on its own is not a game-changer by any means. It's an EP that clocks in at around twenty-two minutes and presents four tracks with various influences sprinkled around. One can find traces of Meshuggah, hardcore, and the odd grind segment thrown for added potency. _Creator, Destroyer_ hardly lets up, save for that clean section a minute into "Radioactive Iodine 121". The heaviness is on a level you'd expect from a band citing Dying Fetus and Decapitated as some of the influences.

Opening cut "Creator, Destroyer" is a straightforward track with a penchant for classic gore influenced metal. The aforementioned album closer "Radioactive Iodine 121" would have to be the stand-out track for me, because it's the only one that shows off the band's influences without having any segments that can be traced in a moment of suspicion to another band. There are no revelations here, and if you're not a death metal fan, I wouldn't recommend you start through Dischordia. This is however a bright beginning from a band that has the potential to make a big name for itself on the American, and maybe in the future, the international metal scene.

Contact: http://dischordia.bandcamp.com

(article published 12/2/2012)

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