Lamb of God - _Resolution_
(Epic, 2012)
by: Johnathan A. Carbon (3 out of 10)
I can understand why Lamb of God is what it is. Just by looking at their sales record and touring regiment explains their attraction and accessibility to a large demographic. One reason is that Lamb of God is easy to classify and fit into metal history. The band easily fits the genre of "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" -- which is a media coined era of sub mainstream hard rock and metal fusions. Therefore, Lamb of God is popular for valid reasons and I will try to stay objective as I approach the band's newest album. Someone better get me a beer or a cup of coffee if they want to see this review finished on time.

In years past, one of my biggest criticisms of Lamb of God has not been their legions of adolescent and young adult fans. In fact, Lamb of God, much like Slipknot and Korn, has acted as a conduit for listeners into more extreme styles of metal. Even if their fans continue to listen to them, I could care less. Whatever. My biggest problem with Lamb of God has been their earnest desire to blend heavy metal into a grey homogeneous substance which suspiciously tastes like stale dirt.

The level of talent shared by each member does not cause this problem. Chris Addler's presence as a percussive Hercules is apparent in their songs, with the rest of the equally strong musicians added in their area. The problem begins more with the lyrical material. Lamb of God has always been hinged on aggressive music backed by some vague confrontation, whether or not relational, societal or global; the band is always ready to brawl with little reason backing. While this certainly attracts a large portion of their audience, it makes the band flat, with little defining character. Additionally this blockheaded approach to making metal undoubtedly stereotypes heavy metal as an angst ridden catharsis fit for teens and lower primates. This is why _Resolution_ sounds less like an interesting metal album and more like a taunt shouted in a men's locker room.

Few times in my metal experience have I drifted off or at least felt like laying down. Perhaps funeral doom or atmospheric black, but never during something like this. Despite Lamb of God's frontal assault musically, it is certainly their lyrics and lack of variation which causes the whole of _Resolution_ to be sleep inducing. There are literally no memorable characteristics throughout the majority of this record.

The only song of note besides the hardcore inspired "Cheated" is the album's closing track "King Me". Besides losing half of credibility on title, "King Me" attempts to break a 49 minute streak of impenetrable groove with variety. This, of course, feels alien when executed. Adding in orchestral passages, spoken word interludes and a decent attempt at death metal, "King Me", while still inherently silly, works in its own favor. Maybe I am just giving a standing ovation to the credits of a shitty movie, but I still feel there is some redemption or resolution to this band. Lamb of God could be interesting to a more select audience if they allowed themselves to move past what made them popular. They certainly have the capabilities to write challenging music, yet they continually reduce their product to the lowest and most boring denominator.

_Resolution_ will certainly be one of the most needless albums of 2012. Its processed style of metal made during one of the most interesting eras of metal production is somewhat offensive. But whatever, I am sure people will like it. Hell, if I was in caught in the middle of a Lamb of God pit, I am certain I would not want to fall asleep nor speak any ills towards the band. My somewhat pretentious judgment will not shield me from flying elbows. Please don't hurt me.

(article published 12/2/2012)

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