Midnight - _Satanic Royalty_
(Hells Headbangers, 2011)
by: Johnathan A. Carbon (7 out of 10)
Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this so hard. When entering into black metal, it is usually the chilly Norwegian style which draws most attention followed by the slightly warmer and more organic USBM. I know this does not cover all the bands, but it is a good starting place. First wave black metal is often ignored for its younger siblings. It is almost as if we forgot about black metal's fiery birth in the bowels from the dark womb of thrash and speed. Midnight is here to change this. Based in the middlelands of Ohio, stuck in the middle between relevant cities, Midnight has made it their mission to celebrate the leather clad, fire wielding and beer soaked beginnings of black metal history.

Let us get Venom and do their laundry and then invite Bathory and take him out for drinks right after calling Motorhead and asking if they could drive. The ensuing exchange when all parties were present is much like listening to Midnight's debut _Satanic Royalty_. Traveling back to a time when metal was rebellious and associated with biker gangs, Midnight celebrates lawlessness, wanton sexuality and a penchant for darkness and evil with a brief yet razor thin. The result is a sleazed out game of billiards played between two demon women in the shadiest bar in Skid Row.

_Satanic Royalty_ is an easy album to understand. The presentation of music comes with a strong sense of nostalgia and desire for costume. Midnight has nailed the time period with large corrections to the fidelity of sound. The title track, "Savage Dominance" and "Lust, Filth & Sleaze" instantly jump off the record giving a handful of dark party anthems.

_Satanic Royalty_ is a damn good album which allows the music to be fun, exciting and dangerous. This band may run into problems whenever attempting to break out of their throwback role, but for now little matters. _Satanic Royalty_ deserves two shots for every beer we are having. I am not leaving this bar unless it's with a woman or through a window.

Contact: http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/midnight/

(article published 12/2/2012)

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