HellLight - _…And Then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell..._
(Solitude Productions, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
This Brazilian band of musicians knows its way when it comes to slow, plodding and melodic doom/death metal. Not playing funeral doom par excellence, HellLight's doom bears a huge, heavy sound, searing and soaring keyboards, and a pretty cool vocal treatment; the semi-growling ones with an almost hissing quality, and the clear, disdainful, traditional metal style of clear-yet-downtrodden vocals.

HellLight's music is a different take on doom/death metal, as the band are not afraid to experiment with different approaches within this otherwise strict sub-genre. Albeit not re-inventing the wheel, _...And Then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell..._ has turned to be one hell of a good album, a beacon of singularity in an ocean of copycat bands in the field of doom/death metal.

Equipped with a mammoth sound, the distorted guitars are monstrous, encapsulating the body of music under their dark wings, rolling and spiraling down, dragging all the other elements housed in their midst down their cataclysmic route, pulverizing one's ears while doing so. The keyboards are gentle yet ominous, and have their fair share of the overall melody; funereal-like and necrotic.

_...And Then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell... _ is a focused and tight an album. HellLight have an extremely high sense of melody, and equipped with the knowledge of what makes a listener tick, they employ their music's many facets of the celestial versus the hellish (sometimes alternately, sometimes synchronously) in the most professional and artistic way, without sounding too "out there" on one hand, or too generic on the other. The excellent vocal delivery (especially the clean vocals) only complements the music with yet another quality.

HellLight's third album is a mountain-pusher on one hand, but on the other it is musicianship made flesh; the heavy parts are genuine funeral-oriented doom/death and metallic to the core -- unlike the funeral doom bands who dwindle into ambiance, neglecting the metal character of their music -- whereas the other side of HellLight's delivery is the focus on melody, where they more often than not sound like something Tiamat could have done on their timeless _Wildhoney_.

_...And Then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell..._ is a great surprise from an unheralded Brazilian band and a worthy addition to the growing roster of good bands that have gathered under Solitude Productions' roof.

Contact: http://www.solitude-prod.com/

(article published 28/3/2011)

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