Turmion Kätilöt - _Perstechnique_
(Osasto-A Records, 2011)
by: Johnathan A. Carbon (6.5 out of 10)
In the metaphorical metal family, industrial metal is the younger step brother with a penchant for fishnets and large spiked jewelry. He is usually brooding, playing his music too loud, and constantly slamming doors. Industrial metal represents a very small population in the large metal community. The fact that it is a fusion genre gives it less attention than it probably deserves. Well, maybe not.   The mid-'90s was a flourishing time for industrial metal in the United States and Europe. It is because of this, the sound of industrial metal still encapsulates the look and feel of that special time and place. However, even today, there are a handful of thought-provoking industrial metal acts still making music. Unfortunately, there is also an overwhelming majority of embarrassing cartoons. Turmion Kätilöt could be either one or possibly both. _Perstechnique_ is the Finnish group's fourth album, challenging the listener's threshold of acceptance and tolerance.   First of all, if you are adverse to synths as a prominent figure in heavy metal, then I'm afraid we are going to part ways here. Perhaps we can come together again over some lo-fi black metal recorded in a cave. If you are open to the idea of electronic elements within your heavy metal, then please follow me. Turmion Kätilöt combines the best parts of Strapping Young Lad, Hanzel und Gretyl,  Ruoska and KMFDM with the same psycho-sexual visuals the style has become known for. The seemingly danceable backdrop is contrasted with the tortured screams of front man MC Raaka Pee. _Perstechnique_ takes listeners on a flume ride through the cyberpunk landscapes of 1995. Major attractions include heavy bondage, chugging guitar riffs, and a nagging feeling that this whole thing shouldn't be as much fun as it really is.

To begin, _Perstechnique_ is accessible in the fact that it moves away from the Rammstein qualities which circled like an albatross in past albums. While Turmion Kätilöt is becoming more autonomous, they move closer to dark spirits which haunt the "trance metal" forest. If you missed my previous reference, count your blessings and good fortunes. _Perstechnique_ begins with one of its two English songs. "Grand Ball" forces the audience to confront an uncomfortable fact: that foreign languages in heavy metal are a positive in the event the lyrics are embarrassingly juvenile. Since I am not fluent in Finnish, I do not know what "Let me feel your body / let me see you dance / this is your grand ball" sounds like in their native tongue, but I could hazard a guess. The other English track, "Hellbound Earth", is another weak dance track, leading me to question Turmion Kätilöt's perception of English speakers. Listen, we are not all busty tattoo artists dressed in latex.

_Perstechnique_ is odd. Alright, fine, it's fucking weird. The bizarre qualities are only enhanced due to the near perfect matching of elements which should never fit together. "Lapset Ja Vanhemmat" begins with a trance introduction before dropping into industrial metal segmented by a salsa beat. This could either be a metal album or the strangest fever dream I have ever experienced. The level of energy and precision on _Perstechnique_ offers a band completely sure of itself. To be fair, this album could have floated two points in either direction. I am honestly unsure where to place this album or even where to put it in my house. As much as I cringe, I can not help but smile with embarrassed guilt.

Contact: http://www.turmion-katilot.info/ang/

(article published 28/3/2011)

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