Hypocrisy - _The Final Chapter_
(Nuclear Blast, 1997)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
Will this be Hypocrisy's final chapter? The information about the end of Hypocrisy has been contradictory, and I remain unsure whether Hypocrisy's mastermind, Peter Tagtgren, will indeed dedicate his time to other projects, thus leaving Hypocrisy, or not. Anyway, for the time being, at least Hypocrisy have released another great album, good enough to rival the ground-shaking _Abducted_. _The Final Chapter_ shows a lot of diversity: Tagtgren's voice changes from track to track, ranging from deep death vox to _Abducted_-like screams to some clean vocals, and the pace changes accordingly. Some tracks remind me of _Abducted_ (as one would expect), while some others subtly bring new elements to their sound, such as an increase of doom influences. (And Hypocrisy seem to know that doom influences go -far- beyond the mediocrity of simply slowing down the riffs, as some careful listeners may notice.) The assortment of styles in _TFC_ just won't let you get bored for an instant in this nearly 55 minute long work. While none of the tracks stand out as being as great as my favourite from _Abducted_, the ripping "Killing Art", most of _TFC_ is at least as good as their previous album, and often even better -- only a couple of tracks aren't so brilliant (especially "Evil Invaders", which wasn't written by Hypocrisy). Featuring another absolutely polished and powerful production by Tagtgren, _The Final Chapter_ is, in almost every way, the kind of follow-up to _Abducted_ I wanted it to be.

(article published 17/11/1997)

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