Destruction - _Day of Reckoning_
(Nuclear Blast, 2011)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
There is a triad of German thrash juggernauts -- the mighty Sodom, the indelible Kreator and the venerated Destruction. Heavily influential in the mid to late nineteen eighties, slipping into a hiatus for much of the nineties, Destruction came roaring back in 2000, fresh from a newly inked deal with Nuclear Blast, with _All Hell Breaks Loose_. The following year saw the release of _The Antichrist_, then _Metal Discharge_ in 2003. The band continued their onslaught under the flag of AFM Records with _Inventor of Evil_ in 2005 until Destruction's last full length, _D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N._ more than two years ago.

Early in 2011, Destruction again lays waste to the thrash metal community with the fearsome and formidable _Day of Reckoning_. Let there be no mistake made, this new power-gorging monstrosity from Destruction will in no way reinvent the scene or ever be accused of blazing new trails or covering new ground in metal. What will be said is _Day of Reckoning_ is as solidly aggressive and as bludgeoning of a beat-down as anyone could rightly expect from these thrash icons.

Riffs-a-plenty, lighting fast with well executed tempo change-ups, _Day of Reckoning_ exhibits the time tested experience of these eminent veterans of the scene. The title track, "Hate Is My Fuel", "Armageddonizer" and "Devil's Advocate" are all finely crafted examples of the punishment Destruction is still more than capable of serving up. Not that any listener would say Destruction's material has a pleasing effect on their disposition, but if there is the equivalent of "comfort food" in metal, _Day of Reckoning_ would be straight up meat and potatoes. Who needs innovation when Destruction rarely, if ever, disappoints? And "Stand Up and Shout" for the bonus Dio cover. Very appropriate. Appropriate and a respectfully gracious tip of the hat to the departed, but never forgotten legend of a man: Dio!


(article published 25/2/2011)

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