Malevolent Creation - _Invidious Dominion_
(Nuclear Blast, 2010)
by: Aaron McKay (10 out of 10)
There is no substitute for experience in metal, except for talent. Put these two high octane qualities together and you wind up with Malevolent Creation's newest molten slab, _Invidious Dominion_. Delivering a punishing combination second blow after the intensely powerful effort, _Doomsday X_ in 2007, it seems like Malevolent Creation were just sharpening their teeth to rip into their latest piece of raw punishment, _Invidious Dominion_.

Most metalheads the world over know Malevolent Creation hail from the "Sunshine State" largely for their much celebrated and acclaimed groundbreaking debut in 1990, _The Ten Commandments_. What fans may not realize at this point in MC's career is their accumulated skill, proficiency and unrefined creativity so evident on _Invidious Dominion_. _Retribution_ in 1992, _The Fine Art of Murder_ in 1998, _Envenomed_ in 2000 with 2004's _Warkult_ exemplify simply a few highpoints underscoring these ol' guard flag-bearers of metal going down along their chosen path, building to a frenzy that begun with _Doomsday X_ and culminating with the extraordinarily potent experience to be found on _Invidious Dominion_.

Despite line-up changes over the course of this band's incredible history, _ID_ reunites the incredible proficiency of Phil Fasciana on guitar, Jason Blachowicz's unbelievable bass ability and the distinctive vocal delivery of one Mr. Bret Hoffman. Rounding out the group, Gus Rios on drums and Gio Geraca, picking up MC's additional guitar responsibilities, far exceed just "more than their part" to solidify this sure-to-be top 10 pick of the year.

Admittedly, track four, or song three if you are not counting the intro, "Slaughter House" may not have been the top vote-getter for worldwide release on satellite radio, no real complaints can be heard. With absolutely stellar cuts from _ID_ like "Target Rich Environment", "Antagonized" and the title track -- "Invidious Dominion" wrapping _ID_ up solidly -- one can more than see why picking just one initial offering for public consumption might have been a sincere challenge.

All this stellar musicianship was brilliantly accentuated by another master of his craft, Erik Rutan, who was pulling the recording, engineering, mixing and producing duties. With this unmatched ability and aptitude all wrapped up for you in a Malevolent Creation lesson in brutality leaves just one question: if you are not actually spinning this disc right now, -why-?! This is the second coming of _The Ten Commandments_!


(article published 31/10/2010)

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