Anihilated - _Scorched Earth Policy_
(Marquee Records / Killer Metal Records, 2010)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (3 out of 10)
You wouldn't be able to find a lot of information about Anihilated when you search online. Their MySpace page is full of praise from fans and press alike, but honestly, whose isn't? The band started out in London in 1981 as a punk act under a different moniker, but they gradually evolved into a thrash band by the mid '80s. Of course like the majority of the bands of this ilk, the '90s was a dry period. Now we have the latest produce of theirs, their 2010 album _Scorched Earth Policy_; an album with twenty one years between it and its predecessor _The Ultimate Desecration_. The band's sound is self-described as '100% Original British Thrash Metal'. _Scorched Earth Policy_ is undeniably a thrash metal record, of course the British part I can't argue with, and the 100% part can't be measured anyway. 'Original', however, is the bone I can pick.

"Blood of the Martyr" kick starts the album with a nuts-and-bolts thrash metal approach and you begin to feel the illusion of originality sneaking up behind you until the vocals start. I found myself double checking that I wasn't listening to a Slayer album. This isn't for just the first track; it goes on throughout the whole album. This is an experienced band, and I thought they would be above the cheap tricks that young retro bands do to grab some extra attention -- but they aren't. They shamelessly ripped off the whole package, the Tom Araya voice, the Kerry King solo style, the Dave Lombardo (albeit much less competent) drumming, and to make matters even worse, the transitional riffs are predictable and not refreshing.

As I sip my cup of coffee and clean my music receptors by listening to Mogwai's whimsically titled masterpiece _Happy Songs for Happy People_, I wonder how long will thrash metal have such corner-cutting bands that keep bringing bad reputation to the genre. Copy-pasting riffs and drumming patterns just doesn't work these days and the more we have bands that keep doing that, the more saturated the genre will be. This will eventually make us more eager for the next Sodom or Exodus album and just give up on the new blood entirely. Anihilated sounded like a promising group on _The Ultimate Desecration_ twenty one years ago, but it seems that time has taken its toll on their creative ability. This _Scorched Earth Policy_ hardly establishes itself as an appreciable listen.


(article published 10/10/2010)

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