Dead at the Scene - _Sharktopus_
(Independent , 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (7.5 out of 10)
This reviewer has always, intentionally or otherwise, stayed clear from metalcore. After a couple of unpleasant encounters with that subgenre of metal, a mindset had been established: this is not a cup of tea he would enjoy. The obvious lack of any musical challenge whatsoever, both in execution and the absence of a truly challenging listening experience (one gulp, one pissing session and you never want to hear about said album ever again) have made this style a pariah for certain people, company included.

Then came Dead at the Scene. Their short, five-song self-released EP is a beast of melodic metalcore that has made this reviewer re-think his whole attitude towards this scene (well, actually not really, but what a nice thing this would have been, ha?). Seriously now, _Sharktopus_ is a good album, genres and styles aside. The melodic, instrumental parts are pretty amazing, very reflective and emotional (check out track number three, "Fireworks", crank the volume up and be blown away), while the metallic parts are progressive in essence, full of time changes and erratic riffs all over the place; the overall music screams class and thoughtful heaviness to the hilt. The production is super and the artwork beautiful. Oh, they've also got cool shirts.

Doesn't matter whether you like post-rock a la Junius, whether you're a metal tight-ass purist or a metalcore aficionado who thinks he has seen and heard it all: give this band a chance and it will reward you tenfold. Mark my words!


(article published 3/10/2010)

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