Pyramido - _Sand_
(Totalrust Music, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Sludge riffs are not known for their clean and polished tone, but the debut from Pyramido make EyeHateGod sound glossy and overproduced by comparison. Seriously, nothing this filthy could be found outside an abandoned crack den. The vocalist's thirst-parched shouts add to this sloppy feel, as do ceaselessly clashing cymbals. But it's one thing to sound messy, quite another to actually be messy, and their compositions have an unfortunate tendency to bleed into each other and be hard to separate. This is not helped by the vocals, as the initially effective whiskey-lubricated and larynx-searing vocals become boring through overuse and a lack of variety. Their label obviously spotted potential in this -- as do I -- and perhaps experience is what is needed to develop their compositions and introduce some vocal variety, and can be cleaned up on subsequent recordings. As long as it is the only thing to be cleaned up, Pyramido may be on to a good thing.


(article published 28/7/2010)

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