Resistance - _Lords of Torment_
(Alveran Records, 2010)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (5 out of 10)
Belgian outfit Resistance combine the standard death metal chug-and-blast factor with a few hardcore elements in the fabrication of their album _Lords of Torment_. They're also never too shy to use some slow hardcore riffs that get the heads banging. "F.Y.A" ("fuck you all") includes some of the album's best riffs, with the tempo meter going all the way up and down more than once. You might find yourself trying to relate the chords of "Lords of Torment" to a Converge track that's lodged in your mind, but the track takes a slower, very hardcore-ish turn afterward, which is something Converge haven't done in a while.

"Behind Your Eyes" could very easily rival the title track with its smart flow and burning-from-all-cylinders execution. "Bleed Yourself" could have been easily shunned as an uninspired blatant hardcore track if it weren't for the intelligent choice of chords in its chorus. Unfortunately though, "Scars Never Die" and "Hail" are just that; blatant. The whole process isn't an enthralling listen but at least it doesn't overstay its welcome. _Lords of Torment_ is an album that may please a few Malevolent Creation fanatics if they have some tolerance for hardcore and it could also help with some mosh-pits at a summer festival. I just don't see it playing a more than ancillary role anywhere.


(article published 29/5/2010)

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