Diagon - _Satan Mit Uns_
(Hexenhammer, 2009)
by: Nikola Shahpazov (1 out of 10)
Diagon are ridiculously predictable. You might have a hint of what they are about right away -- band members also appear in Sekhmet, Moravska Zima and the now defunct Czech black metal masters Maniac Butcher. And Diagon deliver just what you might expect from an album named _Satan Mit Uns_, adorned with quasi-Nazi symbolism, pentagrams and humorously naive messages of the "!!! F**k You All !!!" variety.

Still, the first track "Black Metal Legions of the Daemons" might just surprise you -- it includes Basil Poledouris' "Prologue / Anvil of Crom" (from _Conan the Barbarian OST_) almost in its entirety. A very crude copy/paste operation, an absolutely mindless sampling that has little or nothing to do with the black metal blizzard that follows. Obviously those warriors of the Horned One stand way beyond copyrights. And originality as well.

What follows is blasting, fast-paced and downright uninteresting black metal complete with the usual ├╝ber diabolical shrieks, machine gun drumming, even more movie samples (the more entertaining part of _Satan Mit Uns_), a hint of keyboards and the obligatory Darkthrone cover (well, at least it's not another take on "Transilvanian Hunger").

(article published 2/5/2010)

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