Trunar - _Christs Not Christians_
(Dead Center / Wings of Destruction, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 10)
This is hardly the first time a demo has been re-packaged as a full-length, and I'm not sure why they bothered: if you already have plenty of vicious black metal, you'll have heard all of this before. Many, many times. I don't even need to run through the list: screechy vocals, blastbeasts, vicious riffs with just a hint of melody, raw production -- the drums especially are too low and sound muddied, compared to a comparatively lucid guitar tone. The English lyrics are broken, while the remainder are in their native Belarusian. (I reiterate my plea -- if you haven't mastered English, please stick to your home language. It really does not matter when you are grunting or screeching away.) Some keys which are introduced on one track and a lengthy ambient outro worthy of Burzum create some variety, but not enough for what is essentially the proverbial one trick pony, and a tired one at that.


(article published 2/5/2010)

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