Six Feet Under - _Graveyard Classics 3_
(Metal Blade Records, 2010)
by: Jackie Smit (1 out of 10)
Like the countless Hollywood horror franchises their lyrics so often emulate, Six Feet Under's _Graveyard Classics_ series began life as a curious oddity -- the opportunity to hear one of death metal's erstwhile greats growl, gargle and grunt his way through a host of classic rock and metal cuts. With the first experiment in the bag, and receiving a mixed response at best, the second instalment felt wholly extraneous; the third is entirely superfluous.

To wit, _Graveyard Classics 3_ comprises a roll-call of the typical, oft-covered suspects (Metallica, Slayer et al), which virtually to a song are left stripped of their dignity, thanks in large part to a disinterested, career-worst vocal performance from Chris Barnes. So ramshackle are their efforts that even a sure-fire winner like "At Dawn They Sleep" sounds second-rate.

When they opt for out-of-the-box thinking, the consequences are even more disturbing, as evidenced by a turgid interpretation of Prong's "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck". Like the rest of the album, the song leaves you wondering whether this was meant as a serious record or a cruel piss-take. Either way, Six Feet Under have a lot to answer for come their next proper studio outing.


(article published 7/3/2010)

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