Worstenemy - _Under Ashes of Wicked_
(Raptures Asylum Productions, 2009)
by: Quentin Kalis (6 out of 10)
Despite their proclaimed formation in 1997, the Sardinian death metallers boast of precious little previous work beyond a demo and split EP. In an era where too many bands are impatient to get that all-important first demo or album recorded and released ASAP with concomitant drop in quality, a Spartan discography is not the negative it would have been in earlier times. The DIY ethic is strong, having been recorded in a home studio, with subsequent lack of gloss at its finest, and disconcerting volume variability at its worst. The latter is particularly irritating for an act that traces its origins back more than a decade, and is presumably capable of providing a more consistent recording. At least the songwriting is consistent, but with sufficient variety in approach and tempo to engage the listener. Worstenemy adhere to old-school conventions with a near religious fervour, but allow minor touches from heavy and prog to filter through. The lyrics explore the usual topics with the exception of "Nogoth", a slightly discordant exploration of the Tolkien chestnut. As a move away from demo to the more professional sound designated by the "independent" moniker, the band display some creative talent, but much more is needed to elevate them from "decent in a pinch" to "jaw-dropping awesomeness".

Contact: http://www.worstenemy.it

(article published 4/1/2010)

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