Living Sacrifice - _Reborn_
(Solid State/Tooth & Nail, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Totally heavy from the get go, _Reborn_ really gets the ball rolling with a BANG! From opener of "Reborn Empowered" onto heavy numbers like "No Longer" and "Spirit Fall", this hardcore/metal quartet really deliver the goods with strength and conviction. Sounding more like a runaway train than one of the thousands of generic sounding hardcore/metal acts finding home in the music community, Living Sacrifice have done a phenomenal job at keeping the music tight and interesting. The vocals are deadly and the riffs hit you with true blunt force. Not since the strength of Vision of Disorder's Roadrunner Record's self-titled debut have I been enthralled by a band of this music genre. While I'm not really into promoting religion through music - seeing that Living Sacrifice base a lot of their material on the 'man above' - I can honestly say that as long as Living Sacrifice keep the music this heavy, I can keep it cranked. Once it becomes a pulpit, Bible-reading seminar, I then will lose interest. For now, this stuff kicks.

(article published 14/9/1997)

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