Deathcrawl - _The End is Not Near Enough_
(Independent, 2008)
by: Quentin Kalis (7.5 out of 10)
I am always more favourably inclined towards independent albums and demos that show care in packaging and promotion than a few links to some badly ripped MySpace songs. The former says that we take our music seriously and that we are making an effort to spread the word; the latter speaks of bored teenagers trying out a few riffs and spurred on by the misplaced exhortations of their stoned buddies.

Deathcrawl thankfully are located firmly in the former, releasing an independent CD in a decent digipak, which includes lyrics and does not look as if it were hastily put together by someone with a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop. None of this says that it will be any good, but it does say that Deathcrawl are serious about making music.

Moving on to the music, it appears that Deathcrawl fall in the crack between sludge-infested doom and stoner rock. The music is filth-infested, as are the growled vocals, which suggest both metal and a lifetime of substance abuse, and most of the rhythms are more reminiscent of stoner, but most songs lack the up-tempo nature, and the sue of downbeat acoustic passages further cements them within the doom genre. Most of the songs are comfortably mid-length, but there are a couple of eleven minute numbers scattered within. These are no worse or better than other tracks, but their length and nature does interrupt the albums flow.

Deathcrawl have delivered a fairly solid release that is bound to find fans of the ill-defined nexus between doom and stoner. Now all they need to do is find a label.


(article published 24/2/2009)

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