S-Core - _Gust of Rage_
(Drakkar Records, 2008)
by: Charlotte Beskeen (8 out of 10)
There's a ridiculous train of thought circulating that the French metal scene is somewhat sterile, yet clearly it has never been richer, with bands such as Draftdown and Scarve, not to mention Gojira, taking the metal scene by storm. Cross masters of death and thrash S-Core now return with their long awaited second album, the aptly named _Gust of Rage_, after four years of inactivity to join the plethora of French metalcore kings.

The album comprises of slick and effective weaving together of intricate yet gargantuan guitar hooks, finely streamed aggression and nerve shredding vocals. Left to fester, S-Core's sound has matured hugely: riffs are no longer recycled and washed out sounding, but are imbued with a new destructive energy. Taken as a whole, it is a steel cold conglomerate of polished death, cyber thrash and old-school thrash, huge chunks of which are welded together seamlessly with pure, bristling anger. This feels like the hateful spawn of mid-era Hatebreed, _Mechanical Spin Phenomena_ era Mnemic and early Fear Factory, imbued with bulldog determination to deliver nothing but the most powerful and crushing of riffs.

There are practically no weak spots in this relentless assault of the senses at all, which comes as a fantastic surprise after the frankly uninteresting and unoriginal first album _Riot... Process Engage_. This won't disappoint fans of the genre in the slightest, and if this album is anything to go by, then S-Core should be storming the metal media very soon.

(article published 3/12/2008)

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