Volition - _Volition_
(Totalrust Music, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (6.5 out of 10)
Volition adopt a simple, no frills approach to doom, stripping it of extraneous elements, which results in a hulking beast that lurches from one agonising slow and heavy riff to the next. They occasionally break into a groove, but always sound as filthy as a crack whore after working all night on her back. Vocals are limited to growls, with a few screams tossed in for good measure, and do tend to get a bit monotonous after a song or two... As does the music, and that's the only real problem I have with this release -- but it's a biggie, lacking the comparative busyness of death or traditional doom and also the despondency of funeral doom. If St Vitus are at one end of the doom spectrum, and Catacombs at the other, then this would be right in the middle. This is not something that can be comfortably digested in one sitting, and Volition may have been better off in recording an EP, rather than a longish full-length. Fans of Noothgrush are likely to enjoy this; fans of My Dying Bride will not.

Contact: http://www.volitiondoom.co.uk

(article published 22/8/2008)

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