Gaias Pendulum - _Scarlet Visions_
(HateWorks, 2004)
by: Quentin Kalis (8.5 out of 10)
Gaias Pendulum, are apparently the "premiere Colombian gothic metal" outfit, which is kinda like being the curling champion of Mexico, or Jamaica's bullfighting champion. Irrespective of the competition -- or lack of it -- they do deserve this accolade for their "violet gothic" (don't you just love the cute names bands use to describe their music?) sound. Said sound is unmistakably European; the only suggestion that this is from the Western hemisphere are the occasional Latin intonations, which depending on your outlook, can either be annoying or sexy. At least the vocalist is not nearly as comical as Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell). Growls, off key clean vocals and the typically gothic baritone also feature, providing a varied palette of vocal styles. However, they don't sound like any of the substyles of goth metal -- their rich luscious sound is in a league of its own. Elements from other bands and styles can be detected: some chord progressions do not sound dissimilar to classic My Dying Bride, whilst symphonic black and epic melodies also surface. Who would have wagered that one of the best gothic metal albums would come from Colombia?


(article published 2/7/2008)

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