Heorot - _Ragnarok_
(Stygian Crypt Productions, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
Heorot are the latest addition to the exponentially increasing folk metal pantheon, and are burdened with the expectations set by fellow forest dwelling Finns Korpiklaani and Ensiferum, invoking similar atmospheres of medieval battles and beer. Their folk metal is appropriately upbeat, although occasionally they go a step too far, especially on the intro "Juhla Nuotilla", featuring a melody which would be rejected by mobile ringtone vendors as too annoying. The only non-traditional rock instrument used is a flute, leaving the guitars to provide the appropriately jaunty rhythms, even breaking into an occasional blast of blackened ferocity. "Pyha Simasali" explores more reflective textures, without departing from the heathen quartet's primary forte. It barely need be said that all the lyrics are in their native Finnish and that the clean vocals are rubbish. Overall, this is not as astoundingly brilliant as the Svartsot debut, but remains a satisfactory listen, despite a reluctance to step beyond a well-travelled motif.

Contact: http://www.heorotband.com

(article published 27/4/2008)

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