Thy Serpent - _Lords of Twilight_
(Spinefarm Records, 1997)
by: Adam Wasylyk (8 out of 10)
With the current trend of black metal bands releasing badly recorded demos onto CD, Thy Serpent have gone one better by re-recording some of their demo songs for their newest MCD, _Lords of Twilight_. Thy Serpent's concentration on creating moody, atmospheric music separates them from the endless number of Immortal clones, while never getting caught up in mindless speed, especially considering the beautiful harmonies that arise from tracks like "The Forest of Blakulla", "In Blackened Dreams", and "Unknown". Some nice instrumentals can also be found in the likes of "Prometheus Unbound" and "As Mist Descends from the Hills". This is my first taste of Thy Serpent, and I'm already contemplating checking out their back catalog. Check them out, if you're look for quality in your black metal music.

(article published 14/7/1997)

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