GWAR - _Carnival of Chaos_
(Attic/Metal Blade, 1997)
by: Pedro Azevedo (3 out of 10)
GWAR are back. Who cares? No, really, who the hell cares? I mean, why are you still reading this? Do you expect my review to be funny or something? Yeah, right, tough luck. Well, I did laugh with "Sex Cow", but you'll have to hear it to believe it. Anyway, this doesn't seem to be worse than _Ragnarok_ [CoC #5], actually, it's probably better, but then again, I may not have enjoyed the "artwork" on this one as much as Gino did on their previous. So, this time, instead of the extra 3 points Gino gave them for the "artwork", I'll give them 2 extra points for the (short) last track, which proved to be a surprise, as Slymenstra does some nice(?!) female vocals on this soft song. Er, actually, I can't believe I'm really giving them 2 points for that, but whatever... So, if you enjoy listening to an album while feeling that everyone in that band is mocking you for having bought the CD in first place, then go right ahead and buy it; if you're -seriously- into metal, avoid it. Crap.

(article published 14/7/1997)

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