Crown of Thorns - _Eternal Death_
(Black Sun Records, 1997)
by: Drew Snow (7 out of 10)
As far as Swedish death metal goes, Crown of Thorns is probably the most brutal band out there. With ten songs of energy-packed conviction, _Eternal Death_ contains plenty of your typically sweet melodies, yet also pummels the ears with the kind of blast beats and all-out musical abrasiveness you don't usually find from a Gothenburg-based outfit such as CoT. Genre pigeonholing aside, Crown of Thorns have found a medium between the more brutal European bands such as Altar and Sinister, and more melodic acts like Ablaze My Sorrow, usually leaning towards the former with heavy doses of the latter. "In Bitterness and Sorrow", the third track off the album, is perhaps the best example of this. Commencing with a lone intro guitar riff and quickly moving into a manic blast beat layered over a new, more melodic riff, and accompanied by a rapid vocal delivery, the song develops very nicely into a beautiful example of how good Crown of Thorns -could- be. When it comes down to final judgment, however, CoT haven't really mixed the brutality and melody well enough, and many of the songs come off as feeling unstructured and extremely loose. Add to this a hazy, unsatisfying production which places unnecessary priority on the only average vocals and drums, and you've got an album with much potential, but in the end whose whole is not equal to the sum of its parts.

(article published 14/7/1997)

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