Backwoods Payback - _Backwoods Payback_
(Indepedent, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (7 out of 10)
I used to be highly cynical of independent albums, as their presence suggested a band too crap to find a label. Somewhere between large independents endless stream of mediocre melodiousness and smaller indies willing to sign any corpse painted kid who could produce a Darkthrone facsimile, has demonstrated the erroneousness of the assumption.

_Backwoods Payback_ is an album that exposes the vacuity of the assumption above. It's not excellent, but it's not bad either and can hold its own against many signed acts. The band's blend of Southern rock and sludge is not particularly unique, let alone innovative, but the rendition is sufficiently passionate for that to be overlooked. The vocals are clearly enunciated, their clarity a stark contrast to the laconic muddiness of the guitar riffs, whilst a Hammond organ enhances their retro perspective.

I remain nonplussed about the lyrics -- there is simply a bit too much macho posturing, letting us know just how tough they think they are. I would have thought that the presence of a female in the band would have mitigated the "I'm a motherfucker" bluster, but apparently not. Or maybe it was worse without her presence. Questionable lyrics aside however, Backwoods Payback have delivered an album that is sure to appeal to fans of everyone from EyeHateGod through to Kyuss.


(article published 21/11/2007)

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