Obliteration - _Perpetual Decay_
(Tyrant Syndicate / Peaceville, 2007)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
While there really isn't a single shade of novelty on offer here, Obliteration's debut _Perpetual Decay_ is proof that a really competent take on a thoroughly explored genre -- brutal Scandinavian death metal, in this case -- can sometimes end up devouring more of your CD player time than a lot of far more innovative releases. This is no great discovery, of course, but this year I can recall plenty of boring rehashes for each successful revisitation. This isn't to say Obliteration are a supremely talented band, but then again it's not a hugely demanding genre; they simply get the basics right, from the dirty-but-powerful production to the mix of brutality and groove, and proceed to pen a relatively brief collection of songs that range from quite acceptable to pretty damn memorable. Their songwriting ability makes the difference -- both on the more agile, near blasting sections and the more low-end drenched, bass-heavy ones -- taking that strong foundation to a nearly Bloodbath level of consistent enjoyment. _Perpetual Decay_ sounds a lot more authentic somehow though; the years may pass, but some things still seem better the way they were originally intended. Definitely recommended to any fans of the genre looking for a quality rendition of the style.

Contact: http://www.peaceville.com

(article published 24/10/2007)

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